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Help Me Locate My Ryobi Model Number

Last modified on 10-04-2013
To ensure compatibility between the parts we sell and the models you own, we'll need to know your Ryobi model number. If you already have this number ready, go ahead and search for parts. Otherwise, you'll need to find this number before you can start shopping.

All Ryobi products have a rating plate that contains both the model and serial number.

The model number is usually located to the right of the Ryobi logo.

The serial number is located in a white box beneath the Ryobi logo on the rating plate. Here’s a general guide to some popular tools and where you can find the model number:

On power tools, you’ll usually see the tags in plain site and they will be easily read.

You may have a bit more trouble with lawn and garden tools, as the location can change depending on the model and when it was made. Manufacturers like to put model numbers out of the way on these tools to prevent them from wearing off. Check around the motor housing and anywhere you may see a warning label or branded tag.

Still having trouble? Give us a call and one of our technicians will happily help you find your model number.

We've Got Expert Advice on Ryobi Tools

So there you were, trimming some weeds when the string got snagged. Now in tangles, you have to figure out how to replace the string so you can get back to clearing that lot. Don’t worry, we have the Ryobi spare parts to get you back to work again.

In addition to our awesome selection of Ryobi spare parts and accessories, we also give you the help you'll inevitably need to make sure the repair goes as smoothly as possible. These are called our Repair Forum, Repair Center and YouTube channel.

If you're looking for some quick advice if you need direction, visit our Forum. You'll find helpful experts here that are always happy to lend a helping hand. From diagnosing issues to friendly chatter, it goes down here.

And lastly, once you get your parts ordered, swing by our Repair Center And YouTube channel to find a repair guide. These are awesome step-by-step guides that take the guesswork out of installation. Our expert, Mark, will make the process easy by making it simple and easy for everyone to understand.

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In the tool world, people know Ryobi for making the first portable benchtop planer, and for revolutionizing cordless technology with their 18v Super Combo kits. You probably recognize Ryobi as a tool brand, but the larger company also manufactures components for automobiles as well as the electronics and telecommunications industries.