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How do I Find My Mr. Coffee Model Number?

You should have no problem finding your Mr. Coffee model number. Just find the nameplate on the side, back, or bottom of your unit, and you’ll be set.

Find the identification sticker? Great. Now look on the sticker for a series of digits that starts with letters and ends with numbers. It should look like JWX27, BVMC-FM1, or even TM1.7. If the tag says Sunbeam, don’t let this alarm you. Sunbeam is the parent company of Mr. Coffee so sometimes they use the same tags, but the model number is still specific to your Mr.Coffee model.

Once you’ve found this number you’re ready to start searching for parts. If you have trouble finding the sticker and/or your model number, give us a call at (866) 802-6383 and our Customer Service team will help you find it.

Let us Help with Your Mr. Coffee Repair

Mr. Coffee makes it easy to repair the components of their products should anything go wrong. The spare parts they offer include, tray covers for single-serve coffee makers, replacement decanters for their espresso machines, and even replacement pitchers for their iconic tea makers.

If Mr. Coffee makes the replacement parts, we carry ‘em. And if you ever have any questions before, during, or after the repair process, our experts are here to help. So when your coffee maker breaks, don’t replace it, fix it up with
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What Our Loyal Customers Have To Say
I found this site with Google several months ago. I repair my own tools and equipment, sometimes for my friends too. My first order was impressive especially with the ship time. I like the site and with my current order glitch, I like the personal approach. Very good. Sometimes these issues can not be avoided as seems to be the case here. I own two businesses, a restaurant and a contracting company, I teach my employees that everyone has problems the difference is how they are handled (or if they are handled). Keep up the good work, I am sure there is substantial growth for your company if you can do the job that you have been doing.
John S.
Virginia, USA
Brewin’ in Hollywood
Everybody knows Mr. Coffee for their iconic coffee makers, espresso machines, and even dehydrators. But you may not know that the brand has had its fair share of pop culture fame. It’s been featured in such classics as Spaceballs, Apollo 13, and even Joe Dirt.