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Let Us Help You Locate Your Briggs and Stratton Model Number

Last modified on 09-10-2015
The best place to start your search for the right part is to find your engine or product model number. Don't worry, these numbers aren't hard to find if you know where to look.

If you have a copy of your owner's manual it should contain your model number. If you don't have your manual, the next place to look for the rating tag on your machine or sometimes it is engraved directly into the motor housing.

For overhead valve engines, just look at the valve cover. They stamp the model number there.

Briggs model identification numbers comprise three components: the actual model number, the type number, and the code number. The model number is coded with the engine’s displacement, engine design, crankshaft orientation, special equipment, and starter type. The type number contains information about additional mechanical parts, the paint color, decals, and governed speed.

You’ll need the model and type number to find the correct parts for your engine. You may also need the code if they have changed the engine mid-production.

Need Help With Your Repair?

We understand that repairing your equipment yourself can be a tricky process. That's why we've developed repair resources to help keep you on track. These repair resources are our Forum, Repair Center and YouTube channel. And each of them is intended to help you through different parts of the repair process.

The Repair Forum is best used as a medium for asking questions and diagnosing issues. The Repair Center is packed full of repair articles that break down a repair into terms that even the most inexperienced DIYer can understand. And our YouTube channel boasts hundreds of step-by-step repair and maintenance videos with our in-house expert. These videos are great at explaining the repair steps in simple terms and helping you make it all the way through a repair.

The best part about all of these resources is that they're free to use for anyone. Check them out today!
Check out our helpful repair resources below...

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I appreciate your help. I have put in my favorites list under small engines.
Jim-Bob N.
Missouri, USA
They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To
Briggs and Stratton originally designed car engines and in 1922 they built the Flyer, which they sold for $125. That officially makes it--even adjusting for inflation--the cheapest car ever. They later moved to small engine designs and helped revolutionize aluminum engines in the 1950s and '60s. The new, lighter engines helped solidify them as the company for small engines. They now produce about 11 million engines every year.
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