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How do I Find My Dirt Devil Model Number?

If you need parts for your vacuum, you’ll first need to find the model number. Newer Dirt Devils will have a Royal vacuum company model plate. They’ll use a combination of letters and numbers, usually clearly labeled with the word “Model.”

Dirt Devil vacuums do not have type numbers, so to order parts you’ll only need to have the model number. Here’s where you should look for the model number:

On uprights, extractors, and stick vacuums, start with the back of the unit. For uprights and extractors, check near the bottom. Dirt Devil places the tag on stick vacs more toward the middle of the unit, on the main section of the body.

If you have a canister or hand vac, search on the bottom of the unit. You should find the tag there.

Dirt Devil Repair? Need Help?

Vacuums generally have a very good lifespan, but during that time, you may find yourself needing to complete some basic maintenance to keep your cleaning machine running. A belt may break, or maybe you just need to replace that crevice tool that disappeared when you lent your upright to the neighbors. Whatever Dirt Devil spare parts you need, rest assured that has you covered. We stock thousands of Dirt Devil parts, so you know you can find a new roller or just some extra bags through us.

And if you’re uncertain about your vacuum repair, we can help you there, too. Check out our repair resources below for articles, videos, and a Repair Forum where you can find answers and step-by-step guides for all your vacuum repairs.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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I do not give praise lightly, ask my kids and staff. But when I do it is sincere. Your company, web site and fulfillment staff does a fantastic job and it is very much appreciated. The web site is easy to navigate, easy to place an order and the shipment comes on time as ordered. Crazy world we live in.
California, USA
A Storied History
The Dirt Devil Hand Vac is the best selling hand vacuum model in the United States. Dirt Devil began as Royal in 1905 and has produced over 25 million vacuums since its inception. It is one of the oldest vacuum manufacturers in the world.