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Each product has a unique model number just like your car.
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I Can’t Find My Broan Model Number

Broan’s model numbers change depending on the unit, which can make finding the numbers a bit tricky. To complicate the matter, Broan also uses different labels for the numbers.

For example, on some of their nameplates the model number is actually referred to as a “SERIES”, while others it is referred to as the “MOD”, “MODEL NO”, or “MODEL”. On a few of their powered attic ventilators the model number has no label, whatsoever. For example, the model number is displayed directly below the Broan logo by itself. With that all stated, there are some general rules that can help you find your model number:

Air purifiers: Usually the nameplate is easily visible, located on one of the outer walls.

Range hoods: You may need to remove the filter to expose the name label. Once you do that, check inside the left wall or underneath the canopy.

Heaters: Remove the grille from the housing, then check for the label inside.

Ventilators: The model number is usually on the cover of the wiring box, which is visible from the attic, or on the inside perimeter of the housing on the opposite side of the wiring panel.

Just remember that Broan’s model numbers are generally inconsistent. Here are examples to illustrate the point:

Air purifiers: AE60, ERV200HC, GSFH1K, HRV90HT.

Range hoods: 103023, 325, 325H, 614804, 614804EX, B58000, EI59, E662E, P8, QML.

Heaters: 112, 154.

Ventilation fans: 100HFL, 12C, 2224, 353SOBK, L700L, MS120L, QTRE090FL-B.

Ask the Experts about Broan Equipment

So, now what are you going to do? You house’s ventilation system just stopped working and the weather is about to get a little more severe. Don’t panic, we can help! We have created some wonderful tools that will help you get the answers you need when it comes to fixing your Broan products.
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I would like to thank you for the great experience I had with your company and the persons I talked to via phone. Every one was so polite..something you do not see as much any more. My order was just received. I thank you and will gladly come back for more purchases in the future. I highly will recommend you.
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New Jersey, USA
Broan in Every Home
Chances are you heard about Broan. They first started in 1932 when Henry Broan developed and began manufacturing a quiet and efficient fan for the kitchen. They are proud to say that 80 percent of homeowners in the United States have at least of their products in their home.

The company has quite a history, which includes several acquisitions and name changes. Ultimately they have become the very strong Broan-Nutone LLC, with their corporate office located in Wisconsin.

Broan aims to produce high-quality products that improve the indoor environment while protecting and preserving the outdoor environment. We think they’re doing a great job!
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