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Need Help Finding Your MTD Model Number?

Last modified on 10-04-2013
To prevent wrong parts being sent out, we ensure compatibility by requiring your MTD model number. This number can be found in a number of locations; the owner's manual, packaging and on the unit itself.

If you already came prepared with this number go ahead and enter it into the search box on this page and you'll be directed to the parts diagram. Otherwise keep reading to learn where to find your MTD model number.

Outdoor power equipment: They list the model number on the bottom of the unit.

Handheld: Look for an all-white label on an aluminum portion of the engine, likely out of the way to prevent potential wear.

Riding Mowers: Check under the seat.

Walk-behind mowers: Look on the mower deck; also check near the rear discharge unit.

Tillers: You should see the tag on the tine housing.

Snow blowers: Check on the main gear housing (possibly beneath it) and on the belly pan.

All other outdoor equipment: Check the frame or main housing to find the tag on other equipment.

Have you located the label? Okay good, now look for a section on the nameplate that says model number or look for an 11 digit number. The format of the model number will always start with two numbers. For example, 13AHT62F752 is the model number and 1K044B40006 is the serial number.

Got the model number? Then you’re ready to start searching for parts.

Remember, if you’re having any trouble locating your products identification numbers, we’re always happy to help. Give our team a call at (866) 802-6383.

We Can Help You With Your MTD Repair!

It’s happened to all of us. A neighbor borrows your weed trimmer and returns it with an obvious problem. You might wonder where to go from here. I’m happy to tell you that this doesn’t have to cause a neighborhood feud.

We have all of the parts that you could need to fix up your MTD product like new. And we also have all of the repair help you'll need to make sure they're installed correctly. This repair help can be found by visiting our Repair Forum, Repair Center, and our YouTube channel.

The Repair Forum is a great place to hang out, ask questions and get diagnosing help. The Repair Center and YouTube channel have step-by-step videos and articles to help you tackle any repair and common maintenance. Al this is all free for anyone to use, so take advantage!
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
What Our Loyal Customers Have To Say
I recently placed an order on May 10 11:59am on parts for an MTD trimmer. I received everything today, May 14 at 11:40am... almost exactly 4 business days from the time I placed the order until now. I will say that I am very pleased with the service I got & I will definitely be using you again as well as recommending you to everyone I know. Before ordering I went to our local shop to see if by chance they might have the parts in stock, after I gave him the parts list I generated with the part numbers he then told me for shipping and all, I'm looking at 3 weeks minimum & the parts would run almost $100 with shipping. Then he told me I was wasting money and for $40 more I would be better off buying one of the new trimmers he was selling. After thanking him for his help...which there really was none...I said I will pass. When i got home I went directly to & placed the order. Thanks for the prompt service that gave us.
Skeet M.
Mississippi, USA
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MTD isn’t just a brand of outdoor power equipment. It’s the brand of outdoor power equipment. The Modern Tool and Die Company owns and operates over 21 different brands. This includes Bolens, Troy-Bilt, Yard-Man, and Mastercut. The lawn care giant has become the go-to brand for customers looking for the toughest products for the toughest jobs.