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How to Find Your DeWalt Model Number

Last modified on 10-03-2013
In order to ensure compatibility between the OEM parts we sell and your model, we'll need to know your products model number, and in some cases, the type number as well. However, these numbers aren't hard to find. Keep reading for help locating these numbers.

DeWalt places these numbers on a rating tag (sticker) on your product.

You shouldn’t have much trouble locating the rating plates on your DeWalt tool. This is where you’ll find your model number and tool type, though sometimes DeWalt puts that information on the warning label.

So just find these labels and you’ll have access to the information you’re seeking. In some of DeWalt’s larger equipment, such as generators, the label may appear on top of the unit.

Once you've grabbed your identifying numbers, go ahead and enter it in the search box on this page or search by model category to the right -- either method will get you to the same place.

DeWalt Repair Resources

We have a great relationship with DeWalt, which means we have a whole lot of DeWalt spare parts. Whether you need a new drill chuck , a nailer o-ring, a circular saw blade, or a router depth ring, we can help you get the part you need and get back to work faster. And you can use our extensive repair resources listed below to get answers to your questions and guidance on even the toughest repairs.

Use our popular Repair Forum to ask any and all questions about your DeWalt product. This includes help diagnosing issues, general operating instructions and anything else. The experts there are always happy to help you out.

And once you've received your parts, visit our Repair Center and YouTube channel for step-by-step guides on getting them installed. The videos and articles are helpful and could be just what you need to properly fix up your product.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
Customer Comments
My first expierience with y'all: I had been looking for replacement parts for some of my most treasured tools for as long as I can remember. I found you folks and the world got a little brighter. The parts are exact replacement parts and I recieved them in a matter of days without being gouged for shipping and "handling" They
screwed right in place on my wounded tools and and I am reunited with some old friends that help my creativity flow once again. I am a Proud fan of yours now and am telling everyone of your restorative powers. Thanks so much and best wishes in this questionable economy.
Pete B.
Innovation from the Start
When pressed to find a way to get more on-site work done faster, Raymond DeWalt more or less invented the radial arm saw by attaching a motor and saw to a yoke that could bevel, slide, raise and lower. In 1936 he established DeWalt as a brand and the rest is history.The company has continued to grow and expand its product offerings. over the years, and now you can use the same drill battery in over 40 other DeWalt tools!