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I Can’t Find My Metabo Model Number

Are you having trouble finding your Metabo model number? We’ve put together some tips to make it a bit easier.

Metabo prints their identification numbers on a nameplate--or rating plate as Metabo calls them. You can find this tag in on your tool in an area free from potential wear and tear.

On your handheld models, you should look at the housing.

On their bench-top and stationary models, check the bottom, side, or back of the tool.

Once you’ve found this plate, look for the bolded number near the top that starts with a series of three letters. An example of what this may look like is KGS305, SBE750, or SBE600R. This is your tool’s model number.

The other number you’ll need to find is your tool’s article number. This will almost always be listed directly above the model number on the rating plate. It will start with a “0” and is typically eight to ten digits long. Examples: 02000421, 00760001.

When you’ve found both of these numbers on your tool you’re all set to start browsing for parts.

Ask the Experts about Metabo Tools

Metabo manufactures handheld and benchtop tools for the worldwide consumer. In case you’re not familiar with the brand, this includes such tools as grinders, circular saws, planers, polishers, screwdrivers, and even hot-air guns.

We’re happy to be the internet’s foremost supplier of Metabo spare parts and accessories. But you may not know that parts are only half of what we do.

We also offer expert help, repair articles, and videos to make your project as easy as possible. Check out the links below to see what we can do for you!
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Got my part Saturday. VERY Quick! Put it on my sander and it works great now. Thanks!
Steven B.
Maine, USA
Work. Don’t Play
This motto helps explain Metabo’s approach to tool manufacturing. They build professional-grade tools for professionals. It's the type of brand that doesn’t mess around with quality, and the dependable products they consistently deliver proves it. So if you want to see what construction crews all over the world are saying about Metabo, pick one up one for yourself.