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Troy-Bilt Customer Repairs

Last modified on 10-07-2015
Rick M. from Oregon had noticed that every time he used his Troy-Bilt lawn tractor it seemed to be getting louder and louder. Rick, being a mechanic, quickly diagnosed the problem and realized his muffler needed to be replaced. This was a job he had never attempted on a lawn tractor but knew he could complete with a little guidance. He ordered the required part, located the repair article online and got to work.

In order to replace the muffler he needed to gain access to it, which required him to remove the hood on the lawn tractor. This is not a difficult task, he simple popped the hood open, removed the light bulbs that are used for the head lights, and removed the wiring harness the bulbs were connected to. Then he was able to just list the hood away from the mower and it come right off.

He then used a socket wrench to remove the muffler cover and used a wrench to remove the muffler strap. There are two muffler bolts that are located at the end of the manifold. He removed those and was then able to fully remove the muffler. While doing the job he assumed it was best to also replace the muffle gasket before mounting the new muffler in to place. He secured the muffle by putting the bolts, the strap and the cover back on.

To complete the job he reattached the hood of the lawn tractor. The job was quick and easy, now his Troy-Bilt lawn tractor is running better than ever.

Customer Comments
Many thanks for the information regarding my Troy-Bilt pressure washer.
Mawaram Supan
Breathe Easy
Do you just love what your Troy-Bilt tools do for your lawn? Well, I have good news! They care more about just the grass and trees in your backyard. The company has several environmental initiatives, including a return-a-crate program for their riding mowers. For every 10 crates returned, they save a tree. So breathe easy.
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