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Maintenance Kits

You'll get a longer life and better performance out of your lawn equipment with regular maintenance of a few key parts. Our one-stop-shop kits take the guesswork and headache out of maintenance by putting together everything you need to tune up your machine in one easy package. To get started, select the brand of your machine.

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What are the benefits of doing regular maintenance on my equipment?

Doing regular service on your equipment gives you the opportunity to visually inspect the entire engine and related parts for damage, wear, and potential problems that could arise. Performing regular maintenance on your equipment is essential for engine longevity, consistency, and increased performance and durability. All the parts contained in these maintenance kits are to ensure a fast start, quiet engine, and full power and torque. The cost of keeping your equipment well-maintained is small compared to the cost of replacing it altogether.

Why is it important to change all these parts at the same time?

Maintenance kits make it easy by conveniently packaging your engine’s most important and regularly replaced parts together with the intention of servicing them at the same time. It is economically smart to purchase them together, saving you time, money, and shipping costs. Not to mention, you will also have the peace of mind that all these important parts are working at peak performance at the same time, so to not hinder each other’s function and life expectancy.

By using one of our manufacturer-approved kits, you will only need to disassemble a component once to perform multiple service procedures, rather than taking it apart numerous times, and searching the site for multiple parts.

Why are OEM parts essential?

Purchasing OEM parts guarantees that they are compatible with your engine and are specifically designed to suit its needs. Parts that are specifically made for your equipment will make the installation much quicker and easier, while also giving you the peace of mind that all these parts are of the highest quality and will deliver the best possible performance. Not to mention, the use of non-OEM parts will often void your warranty.

What parts are included in a maintenance kit?

Maintenance kits consist of all OEM parts that the manufacturer requires (or highly recommends) to replace on a regular schedule. Most of the items in these kits require a replacement of at least once a year, if not more, depending on your specific environmental conditions and use. Most of the parts in a maintenance kit are small engine parts, such as the spark plug, air filter, pre-filter, oil filter, fuel filter, fuel stabilizer, and engine oil. Each maintenance kit is specifically designed for your model’s engine, to ensure the parts are compatible, and made to fit the needs of your equipment.

What is the function and purpose of replacing these common parts?

All of the parts and items contained in these maintenance kits are essential to the function and quality of your engine. All of these parts act together to ensure your equipment is running smoothly. If one of these parts malfunctions, it impacts the quality and longevity of them all.

Common Replacement Parts:

Spark Plug

A common reason for equipment that will not start is a failed spark plug, and this is an extremely easy fix. The spark plug provides an ignition source for the small engine, and when it malfunctions, it can cause hard starting, poor performance and excessive fuel consumption. For this repair all that is required is a socket wrench and gapping tool.

Air Filter

An air filter is another part that is included in most maintenance kits. A dirty or clogged air filter allows debris into the internal parts of your engine, which can cause wear and malfunction. An air filter that is not properly maintained can cause power loss, increased fuel consumption, and trouble starting. The air filter has the important job of protecting the carburetor, which is a much more involved and expensive repair. Dirt that gets past the carburetor into the engine can also do serious (and expensive!) damage to the engine.

By purchasing the maintenance kit specific to your engine, you can be confident that the air filter will provide a proper seal and the correct filtering properties required by your engine.

Fuel Filter

Another common replacement part found in most maintenance kits is a fuel filter. This part removes dirt and debris from the fuel before making its way to the carburetor. As the fuel filter becomes plugged with dirt and grime, less fuel can flow to the carburetor. This can cause a hard-starting engine or cause it to die altogether.

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