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Waring WO50 Cordless Wine Opener

 Waring WO50 Cordless Wine Opener Parts

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 Fig # Img Part Name Availability Price
1Main Unit
Part #: 032459
In stock
3 available
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2Charging Base
Part #: 032461
In stock
2 available
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3Foil Cutter
Part #: 031995
In stock
4 available
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Part #: 032460
In stock
6 available
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After removing the cork, the unit will not discharge the cork far enough to remove the cork from the unit.. Solution?? or replace main unit???
Reply: Main Unit Of Cordless Wine Opene...


Hello guthlaut,

Regrettably I don't know the operation of this unit well enough to give you the answer you need. I did locate an owners manual on it though. Hopefully this will help answer your question.

link removed Waring WO50 Wine Opener Manual

If this does not help you try contacting the manufacture for some technical advise.

Good luck,