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 Sunbeam HDX25 Coffee Maker Parts

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 Fig # Part # Img Part Name Availability Price Qty
Water Resv Removeable H
In stock
3 available
Sbm,Hertge,Repl,Dcanter Obsolete - Not Available
Brew Basket Hdx Series
In stock
1 available
Instr. Book, Hdx Series
Ships in 8 - 14 business days
Lid Decanter Hdx Series
Ships in 8 - 14 business days

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Discussion for the Sunbeam HDX25 Coffee Maker

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Question: Sunbeam Coffee Pot


i have an hdx25, we broke the glass carafe and it says the manufacturer has discontinued it. What is a good substitute?
Reply: Sunbeam Coffee Pot


Hello 1176997,

I haven't been able to locate a suitable substitute for the HDD13 carafe. You can still do a search for it on line. Or you can try one of the many Sunbeam service centers around the county to see if they might have one. Here is a link to the link removed=> Sunbeam Service Center Locator.

Good luck,
Question: Leaking


I thought a new Water resevoir would fix the didn't. Now, when I try to take it apart, back two screws either side of cord won't unscrew. What size screw driver does it take? Hex key? I have socket wrenchs, but the
connector is too big. Any suggestions on how to remove bottom?
Reply: Leaking


Hi 1039937,

First of all there are no internal parts available for this coffee maker and the leak is probably in the boiler. If you want to proceed then you will need to get a safety driver that matches the head of the safety screw. they put those safety screws on to keep people out but then the drivers are available at electronics supply stores. So make your best judgement. The leak could be from a tube that has come loose too.
If the machine is still under warranty the factory will replace it for you, so check that out too.