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How to Locate Your Shindaiwa Model Number

Like many other lawn-equipment brands, Shindaiwa sometimes makes their model numbers a little hard to find. You’ll first want to search for a small silver sticker on your tool. This is typically placed on a low-impact area--one clear from everyday wear and tear. Take a look at some of the locations where you can find the sticker below:

If you have a trimmer or an edger, look for the sticker on the tool’s shaft.

Most of their other tools will feature the sticker on the engine housing or casing. But just make sure you look for the model sticker and not the engine sticker. This could cause confusion as they are quite similar in appearance, and the engine has its own list of parts.

You should find a number that’s similar to C350, SP-150, SP40BPS, or P231. This format will be the standard of your Shindaiwa model number 95 percent of the time. If you found something like this, you’re all set to start ordering parts.

Need a Hand with Your Shindaiwa Repair?

Has the gas tank on your Shindaiwa trimmer finally worn down and now needs replacing? Don’t stress! We have the replacement tank you need to get your model up and running again.

And if you've ordered a part and don’t know where to go from here, we have you covered with our repair resources. These resources will allow you to ask for advice from our community of experts, read repair guides, and find tool diagnoses. We take you from the beginning to the end of your repair to ensure the process is as easy and headache-free as possible.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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Nice web site. I'm a new customer and impressed with your line of Shindaiwa lawn edger parts!
Larry R.
Mississippi, USA
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Whether it's because of their innovative Speed-Feed technology or their two-year, commercial warranty, Shindaiwa's products are chosen consistently by professionals for the hardest jobs. They also offer two different choices of engine technologies--a reliable 2-stroke, and their brand new 2-stroke/4-stroke hybrid fusion. This hybrid technology is Shindaiwa’s initiative to join the green movement. It offers lower emissions, decreased fuel consumption, lower sound, and higher torque. This allows even the shrewdest of consumer to purchase and enjoy a long-lasting Shindaiwa product.