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Identify Your Rolair Model

If you came to our website looking to find replacement parts for your Rolair compressor, we’ll need to know your Rolair model number to pull up a parts listing for your specific model. This information can always be found in your Rolair owner’s manual and on a identification sticker on your model itself.

If you’re choosing the owner’s manual route, you’ll want to search for your model number that’s listed on the cover, or within the first few pages. This is by far the easiest way to find your Rolair model number. However, most of you probably lost this piece of Rolair literature years ago. But it’s okay, you can still search for your model number directly on your Rolair model.

Like similar manufacturers, Rolair lists their model numbers on an identification tag that’s posted directly onto your unit. This tag has the Rolair logo at the top and the identifying numbers you’ll need below that.

Most Rolair model numbers start with two letters. Some sample Rolair model numbers include OD1500HS3, V5180K30, PMP11MK238FI, and 7722HK. If you’ve found a number that follows one of these formats, you’re ready to start ordering the replacement parts you need. Enter the number into the search box on this page and we’ll pull up a parts diagram for your exactmodel.

Did this help you find your model number? If not, give us a call!

Have a Problem with Your Rolair Compressor? We Can Help!

If you’ve been without your Rolair compressor due to a repair issue, we understand how hard it can be. That’s why we make our website easy to navigate and to get all of the information you’ll need to get your repair completed.

If you’re not familiar with our website, keep reading for an overview of everything can do for your next repair.

First off, when you begin your repair, it’s important to make sure you understand what the issue is before you purchase parts. This allows you to understand the exact parts you’ll need and why you need them. One of the most important aspects to being a DIY’er, is knowledge. You’ll get all the appliance, power tool, BBQ, and compressor information you could ever need by visiting our repair forum. Our experts like to hang out here, waiting to answer your questions. So if you ever need a quick diagnosis, swing by our forum.

And once you’ve determined the necessary part(s) you’ll need to purchase, swing by our our repair center to find installation instructions. Our tool guru Mark stars in these videos that help walk you through each step of a repair. We’re continuing to add content to our repair center, so if you don’t see the exact video you need, give us a call. We’d be happy help you in any way we can.

All of our resources add to the full eReplacementParts experience. We’ll help anyone to fix up their model in the comfort of their own garage/home. Learning to be a self-sufficient repair expert will save you time, money, and some of your sanity.
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Found this company on the internet while looking for the part I needed for my compressor. They had exactly what I was looking for at a good price. Order was confirmed and shipped the next day. Arrived at my post office shortly there after. I would and have refereed this company to my friends. Thank You eReplacement Parts.
Thomas P.
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