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Help Find My Little Wonder Model Number

When you need to replace parts in your Little Wonder lawn equipment, the best place to begin is with the model number. This is because every manufacturer designs parts specific to certain tools, even if they may look the same on the surface. In fact, some tools with the same model number have different type numbers that will mean they need different parts. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.

If you still have the owner’s manual for your Little Wonder lawn equipment, you can find the model number there. If not, you’ll need to search around a bit on your equipment to find the information you need. And keep in mind that many companies, including Little Wonder, have different model numbers for the engine and the equipment itself, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for parts for the engine or for the equipment.

Search around the engine shroud for a metal plate that includes the model number, first. If you don’t see it there, check around the wheels of equipment that have wheels, and on the shafts of trimmers and other equipment with shafts. Once you find the model number, just enter it into the search box above to bring up the list of parts specific to your Little Wonder equipment.

If you’re still having trouble, just give us a call and we’ll happily help you find the information you need to get the parts for your repair.

Help with Your Little Wonder Repair

So you’ve received the parts you need to replace the augers in your tiller? Or maybe you have a hedge trimmer cord to replace? Whatever Little Wonder repair you have ahead of you, you don’t have to walk into it blind, fumbling through the process, guessing at what may or may not have to be removed to complete the fix. That’s because we do more than just help you find the parts you need for your repairs. We want to help make sure all your repairs breeze on by as well.

Swing by our Repair Center, first. We have hundreds of how-to articles that feature pictures, video, and step-by-step instructions to walk you through even the toughest of repairs. If you don’t find a solution to your repair problem there, visit our forums. You’ll find a huge community of fellow DIYers in the forums and many of them will happily share their own experiences and do the best they can to help you sort out what needs to be done for your own repair.

With, you’re repairs are covered from the moment you order parts, all the way through to the end, whether you needed to ask for a bit of help or not. That’s just what we do.
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A Long History of Landscaping
Little Wonder is one of the oldest manufacturers of landscaping equipment. They first got their start in 1922 in the United Kingdom, and have since jumped across the pond to sell their equipment around the world.