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Live Customer Support.
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I Don’t See My Mr. Heater Model Number

To make sure that we only show you parts that are directly compatible with your Mr. Heater product, we’ll need to know your Mr. Heater model number. This can be found in a number of locations, so let’s get started.

The model number for your Mr. Heater will be listed on the original box your product came in, on/in the owner’s manual that came with your model, and on a identification tag that’s posted directly onto your unit. Obviously, if you still have the owner’s manual or box, those options would be the easiest ways to find your model number. If you lost or threw these away years ago, you can always look for the tag on your Mr. Heater product.

This label is usually white or black, and will have all of the identification numbers you’ll need. You can expect this to be on the back of your Mr. Heater product. But occasionally, it may be on the sides or even on the front. Once you find this label, you will be able to locate your model number. Just enter it into the search box provided above and you’ll be on your way to getting the replacement parts you need.

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Mr. Heater Repair? Need Help?

As most of you probably know by this point, we sell parts for Mr. Heater construction heaters, garage heaters, space heaters, and any other products they make. Being without your favorite shop heater during the winter months can be quite unbearable. That’s why it’s important to properly maintain your Mr. Heater product and repair it if it ever breaks down.

Even if you’re familiar with basic repairs -- fixing a heater can entail a different set of skills and knowledge. Luckily, we offer all of the Mr. Heater help you’ll ever need in our repair resources. These repair resources are our customer service team, repair center, and our forum. Each of which can be used during your repair process.

Have questions? Visit our repair forum. The experts here are happy to help you diagnose issues, answer those tough questions, and even point you to the parts needed to fix it up. Need help getting the parts installed? Visit our repair center. You’ll find hundreds of repair videos and articles that walk you through specific repairs. And if you don’t see your model listed in our database, give us a call. Our customer service and technical agents are happy to assist you. We can be reached via telephone or by email.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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I couldn't have been more thrilled when my parts arrived so fast, I will definitely will pass the word. Again Thank you for great service, we will do business in the future.
Daniel C.
Florida, USA
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Everyone knows what Mr. Heater does. Heck, we’re betting that many of you have one in your shop, garage, or home right now. This iconic brand has reached commercial success through their quality, hard-working, and dependable products. So whether you are looking for a product to help warm up a cold room or to heat your entire cabin, Mr. Heater has the quality product for you.