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Locate My Char-Broil Model Number

You can find your Char-Broil model number on a white sticker on the frame, usually on the back of the grill, just below its base. Once you locate this sticker you’ll need to look for both the model number and the serial number to properly identify your unit.

Look for the identifying “Model” tag on the left side of the sticker. The model number should be written right next to this. It will include 6-9 numbers, and will look like this: 11601558.

The serial number has six numbers and should come right after the model number on the sticker. Here’s an example serial number: 000402.

Once you have found the model number and your serial number, you’re ready to look up your model and order the parts you need!

Expert Advice on Char-Broil Grills

So you just got back from vacation to find out that your son and his friends used charcoal in your gas grill? We’ll help you keep the scolding to a minimum with our great prices on the replacement parts you need, and our signature, expert resources to get it all put back together. So if the repair requires a new burner, flame tamer, handle, or drip pan, we have you covered.

We’re your one-stop-shop for everything Char-Broil and we encourage you to use our repair resources to keep your product well maintained. Give it a try.
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Best Review
I have to say that Ereplacementparts is just amazing I'm not sure how I kept machinery up and running without your excellent service Not only great prices and fast delivery But schematics to help me put things back together again And so far you have had every part I've looked for even an old Sears joiner. Thank you!
California, USA
Reliable Grilling
How can you tell when a grill master is happy? Just look at smile that graces his or her face when he or she first fires up the Char-Broil grill. It’s an unavoidable obstacle to owning this iconic brand. Their quality and reliability make them a go-to brand for customers looking for a grill that won’t compromise. With more than 50 years of experience under their belts, Char-Broil has dominated the grill market, and if you’ve ever owned a model you’ll understand why.