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Last modified on 10-07-2015
John M. from Georgia was able to fix his Bolens walk-behind lawn mower, by replace its inline fuel filter. Locate the filter by following the fuel line from the tank. Once you have access to the filter, you can either use fuel line clamps, or drain the gas from the mower prior to removal to avoid any spills. Once this is done, remove the fuel line clips hold the filter with a pair of pliers, and then remove the filter itself from the lines. To reinstall, simply press the filter onto the lines and reinstall the clamps.

After it had been running poorly for some time, Tyler F. from Idaho got his Bolen’s log splitter running properly again by replacing his spark arrestor screen. To replace or clean the spark arrestor, remove the screws on the muffler cover, and pull the cover off. Then remove the spark arrestor assembly itself from the muffler. Disconnect the screen from the assembly. Place the new screen on the arrestor assembly and reattached it to the muffler, then reattached the muffler to the engine.

Tammy R. from Washington was able to get her Bolen tiller running properly again by replacing its carburetor. To replace the carburetor, first take off the air filter cover and take out the filter. Then remove the nuts holding the base of the filter housing. Then detach the primer line and crank case vent line, by loosening their clips. Remove the fuel line (once all gas is drained or a fuel line clamp is in place. You can now pull the carburetor and gaskets away from the engine. Finally, disconnect the throttle linkage. To install the new carburetor, reattached the throttle linkage, slide the carburetor back over the mount bolts. Reinstall the gaskets and fuel line. Reconnect the primer and crank case vent, then reattached your air box base, filter and cover.
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Thank you very much for your quick response. You don't know how refreshing it is to have great customer service in a world where it seems to be a thing of the past. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends. Thanks again.
John M.
Georgia, USA
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