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Locate My Andis Model Number

Below is a quick guide for anyone that doesn’t know their Andis model number.

First off, if you still have the owner’s manual or box that came with your Andis product, you can find your model number there. It should be listed within the first couple pages of your manual and on the outside of the box.

If not, you’ll need to search for the model number that’s listed directly on your Andis trimmer. You’ll find this information on a identification sticker that’s posted directly onto the body of the product. It should have the Andis logo at the top and the the model number information directly below that. Once you find this sticker, there shouldn’t be any issues determining what number you need. But in case it is, look for a number with a format similar to BGRV, SMC-2, or T-OUTLINER.

And it’s just that easy to identify the model number of your Andis product. We require your model number to only pull up compatible parts and accessories for your exact model. Doing this prevents unnecessary returns and future hassle. And if you still can’t identify your model, please give us a call. Our agents are awesome at finding your model and getting you the parts you need.

Expert Advice on Andis Trimmers

If you’ve ever had the experience of one of your favorite appliances failing, you understand how difficult it can be to go-on without it. That’s why we encourage everyone to learn how to repair and fix their products themselves. Doing home repairs doesn’t have to be difficult. And by using all of the resources we offer, anyone can afford to fix up any broken product they have.

We offer hundreds of Andis trimmer and Andis clipper spare parts on our website. Simply find your model then use our interactive parts diagrams to pick out the exact part(s) you need. Whether you need a new set of combs, replacement power cord, battery, or any other internal part, you can find it here.

Our resources come in the form of our forum and repair center. Each of which is important for different aspects of the repair process. The forum is best described as our repair community, where experts and DIY’ers such as yourself, come together to ask questions, start conversations, and help each other out. This is the perfect place to start your repair. And our repair center is comparable to a media library. Here, you can find hundreds of repair articles and videos. These take you step-by-step through installation, removal, and maintenance of various repairs.

Don’t let a perfectly good trimmer go to the trash, fix it up with!
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Never used you before but was very pleased with the promptness with which the parts were delivered. The packaging was excellent, in fact, I was pleasantly surprised with the care in which it was obvious the parts had been packed. I certainly will use you again.
Carl H.
Rhode Island, USA
Trimming With the Best
Popular in commercial and private settings, Andis is one of the world leaders in manufacturing and distributing clippers, beauty supplies, and salon equipment. This includes barber models, stylist models, animal clippers, hotel applications, and consumer products. They have found continued success in their field by offering quality products that customers can’t live without.