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Find My Vermont Model Number

Welcome to! You’ve landed on the only repair site that you’ll ever need. And if you’re looking replacement parts for your Vermont fireplace, stove, or grills -- you’re in the right place. We sell pretty much any part you could ever need for their products. But before we can pull up a parts listing for your specific model, we’ll need to know your Vermont model number.

This number can always be found in the owner’s manual that came with your product, but we understand not everyone still has this. However, Vermont gives you another place to look for your model number -- on the product itself. You’ll find it listed on a rating plate in one of the following locations, depending on the type of Vermont product:

Gas Fireplace: Rating plate will be near gas control valve, behind the control door.
Wood Burning Fireplace: The rating plate will be in the top of the firebox.
Wood Burning Inserts: The rating plate will be below the fire box, possibly attached to a small cable.
Stoves: The rating plate will be on the back.
Grills: You’ll find the rating plate on the back of your grill.

Once you have located your model’s rating plate, finding the model number should be a breeze. It should be clearly labeled on the plate. Just take this number and enter it in the search box above to start searching for replacement parts. Or click the option to the right that best corresponds with your model.

If you cannot manage to find your Vermont model number, don’t get yourself too stressed out. We can usually find your model based on a few descriptive sentences. So give us a call at (866) 802-6383 and we’d be happy to assist you.

The Help You Need with Vermont Repairs

If you have an issue with any of your Vermont products, we have the resources and parts you’ll need to get it all fixed up. And incase you’re not familiar with our company, we’re much more than just a parts dealer. We will give you all of the help you could need to get the parts purchased and installed.

If you’re already familiar with our repair resources, they can be accessed by clicking the links provided below this section. Otherwise, keep reading to learn a little bit more about what eReplacementParts can do for your repair.

At the beginning of any repair, there’s bound to be a lot of questions. And trust us, you’ll want to get these questions answered before you do anything. Our customer service team and repair forum are the two best places to get your questions answered. Our forum can be accessed 24/7 and can answer most questions. However, if you’re in need of immediate assistance you can contact via email or telephone. And if you need some help installing the parts you purchased from us, visit our repair center. You’ll find hundreds of repair videos here that walk you step-by-step through specific repairs.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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