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Each product has a unique model number the same way your automobile has a unique make and model. Locating this number helps us provide you with the correct replacement parts and repair help for your specific product.

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Where’s My Razor Model Number?

In order to find you compatible parts for your Razor product, we’ll need to know your product’s model number. Razor makes it pretty easy to find your model number. If you still have the box (packaging) or owner’s manual that came with your product, you can find the model number listed there. If you don’t have either of these, you’ll probably have a more difficult time identifying your product.

Razor scooters usually don’t list their model number on the scooter itself. You’ll need to go to our website, or the Razor website, to try to identify your model based on a photograph. Or, you can always give us a call directly at (866)-802-6383. One of our representatives would be happy to help you identify your model.

If you have a Razor dune buggy, go kart, quad, or motorbike, you should be able to find your model number listed directly on the unit. Usually, in an area that’s free from wear but also easily visible. Think of areas like the engine housing, body of product, under seat, or on the frame. Occasionally, Razor will use a model name instead of a model number. For example, if you find that your product is a Razor Dirt Quad Four-Wheel Quad, that’s the only information you’ll need to pull up parts.

If this is too complicated and you’re still not finding your model. It’s okay, you can always just search through our category options to the right of this section. You may be able to find your model easily using this method. Give it a try!

Razor Repair Resource

We’re happy to be the foremost supplier of Razor parts, accessories, and repair resources on the internet. And incase it’s not obvious by now, we can get you spare Razor parts for your dune buggy, go-kart, motorbike, quad, scooter, and even skateboards. This includes hard-to-find parts such as seat belts and even brand new replacement motors. Basically, if Razor makes it, we can get it.

In addition to our great selection of Razor parts, we also give you the repair help you’ll need to get the parts installed, and to get your product back up-and-running. These repair resources come in the form of our forum and our repair center. And we offer them to anyone at no cost.

To put it simply, our forum is there for those of you that need to ask repair questions. This is most useful for diagnosis questions, as our experts are awesome at narrowing down a repair to a few necessary parts. And our repair center is chalked-full of videos and articles to walk you step-by-step through a repair. These videos cover everything from replacing a pump in a lantern to proper pressure washer maintenance tips.

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