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I Can’t Find My Napoleon Model Number

The easiest way to identify your model number is to look on the owner’s manual that came with your product. If you don’t have this anymore, it’s okay. You can still find your model number on the product itself. Napoleon will usually hide their model numbers in a place that won’t be easy to find. Therefore, you may have to search for a little bit to find it. The model number should be on a sticker or plate on your product. For Napoleon fireplaces, search inside the vent.

Napoleon doesn’t stick to any particular standard when naming their products. So find a combination of letters and numbers, usually no larger than 8 digits. And if you ever need any help finding this number, give us a call! We’re happy to help you whenever you need it.

The Help You Need with Napoleon Products

I’m sure many of you rely on your Napoleon fireplace to add a nice ambiance to your home, but more importantly, it helps keep you warm during those long winter months. And if it ever stopped working, you might start to panic. We’re happy to tell you that the days of panicking about this type of situation are behind you.

eReplacementParts is your one-stop-shop for Napoleon fireplaces, grills, and stoves. So whether you need a new pilot assembly, hearth, or an igniter button, we’ve got them here. And to top it all off, we even have resources to help you get them installed! So when the time comes to repair your Napoleon product, you’ll know to come to
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It is soooo nice being able to get these small parts! Your web page is easy to use too. In a world filled with consumption and dysfunction, it is such a pleasure to find you! Keep up the excellent work! :-)
Roberta H.
Hawaii, USA
Committed to Comfort
If you’ve never experienced lying in front of a Napoleon fireplace during a gloomy or cold day, you’re seriously missing out. Napoleon is the foremost supplier of fireplaces, stoves, and even grills in the United States. Their aspirations to exceed industry standards has created a place for their products in homes across the country.

They have created many “firsts” in the industry including the first single glass door and their exclusive PHAZER logs. So when you start feeling that first chill in the air, it’s time to shop for a Napoleon.