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 How do I find my model number?
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Each product has a unique model number the same way your automobile has a unique make and model. Locating this number helps us provide you with the correct replacement parts and repair help for your specific product.

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How do I Find My Majestic Model Number?

Welcome to! You’ve come to one of the best repair destinations on the internet. If you’re looking to find some replacement parts for your Majestic fireplace or stove, you’re in the right place. But to make sure we find your compatible parts for your exact model, we’ll need to know your Majestic model number. Most of you probably had this ready, but if not, this section will help you find it.

Majestic places there model numbers in two different locations. The first is the owner’s manual that came with your Majestic unit. Second, on a rating plate that’s attached to your Majestic model. If you can’t find your owner’s manual you can find the rating plate posted to your model in the following locations:

Wood-Burning Stoves- Plate is attached to the rear casting of the stove.
Wood-Burning Inserts - Plate is attached to rear casting.
Gas Stoves - Plate it attached to the rear shroud or near the control valve
Electric Fireplaces - Plate is behind the glass, or inside the control panel.
Gas Fireplaces - Plate will be attached near control valve or behind the ide control door.
Gas Log Sets - Plate will be near the control valve, or underneath the unit.

Once you’re able to locate the rating plate on your Majestic product, you should have no problem finding your model number. Just enter it in the search box we’ve listed above and you’ll be on your way to ordering the spare parts you need.

Let us Help with Your Majestic Repair

Lets face it, repairing your products at home can be difficult and frustrating. However, there is a way to solve that.


We believe that our website is unlike any other on the internet. We don’t just sell you parts and send you on your way. We stick with you, and give you the help you need throughout each step of the repair process. This includes help diagnosing the issue, determining what parts you’ll need to purchase to get it fixed, a (basic) understanding of what caused the issue, help ordering parts, and even step-by-step instructions on getting the part(s) installed. And other than buying the parts, we won’t charge you a dime for these repair resources.

We believe that the best way to learn how to use these resources, is just to look through them and see what appeals to you. But if you’d like a little more direction, we’ll outline the steps we believe a new customer should take when trying to fix their product. First, use our forum as a resource for asking any questions concerning your repair (i.e. diagnosis, maintenance, buying guides). Use our customer service team to ask questions about ordering. Then if you need help getting the parts installed, you will want to use our repair center.

Don’t take our word for it though. Try out everything eReplacementParts has to offer today!
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