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Last modified on 10-07-2015
Todd’s Lawn Boy hedge trimmer began cutting poorly, so to remedy the problem he decided to attempt sharpening his blades, before replacing them. To sharpen the blades, he first made sure the trimmer wasn’t connected to power, and then he manually aligned the blades. This can be aided by using a blunt object, like the handle of screwdriver. Once the blades were perfectly aligned, he began sharpening using a flat file. It’s worth noting that hedge trimmer has 3 edges that need to be sharpened per side, the two side edges of each blade, and the flat outward facing edge. This must be repeated on the top and bottom.

Todd started filing the side edges of each tooth by making long downward strokes, making sure he was keeping the file at the same angle as the tooth’s edge. He then moving on to the ends once they were sharp. He repeated this process along the top side of each tooth, and then turned the trimmer over and repeated the process on the bottom side.

The entire time he was mindful to not remove too much from the edges of the teeth, to avoid prematurely wearing them out, or rendering them less effective. He accomplished this by only sharpening just past the point where the oxidation and grime had been removed the blades, leaving them slightly shiny.
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Thank you for the excellent service. I will come back and buy replacement parts from you guys in the future.
Les C.
California, USA
Humble Roots
In 1904 Ole Evinrude wanted to get his wife an ice cream cone. But there was a problem: the ice cream was on the other side of the lake, and it was the middle of summer. He went for it anyway, but alas, when he returned the cone had completely melted. Realizing that rowing the boat across the lake was not the most efficient method of delivery, Evinrude invented the outboard motor as we know it today. And the Lawn Boy company was born.

Since that fateful summer, Lawn Boy has left the motor business and become a player in the lawn equipment game. Which is great news to anyone who has used one of their amazing mowers.