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Help me Spot My Karcher Model Number

Karcher uses a combination of numbers and letters to specify their model numbers. The numbers can vary in length and style, but are usually well labeled.
Karcher type numbers almost always include an eight-digit number that follows this format: X.XXX-XXX.X.
You will need both a Karcher model number and type number when searching for parts for your Karcher equipment.
Check the front of your Karcher pressure washer for the model number (e.g., K4.91), then look on the chassis to find the silver data plate that contains the other information you need. Karcher’s tags are usually very prominent, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding it, but if you do give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Karcher Knowledge Center

We stock a full line of Karcher spare parts, so you can repair your vacuum, steamer, or pressure washer without the cost and hassle that comes with a repair shop.

And we have plenty of videos and articles to help with all your Karcher repair needs. Whether you need to replace the spill valve on your pressure washer, a new hose for a steam cleaner, or a new brush for your robotic vacuum, we have the parts and expertise to get your projects back on track without all the hassle and expense of a repair shop.
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What Our Loyal Customers Have To Say
My husband is a retired mechanic and fixes garden equipment & etc. All the part dealers in our area could not get the part. I went on the web for quite some time and finally found To my shock they had one!! My husband said I was a hero!! I am going to the local parts place near us and give them the address also. Also the service was fast to my Door. Now they are #1 on my list.
John H.
Massachusetts, USA
Keeping the World’s Wonders Clean
Karcher specializes in making pressure washers that are nearly impossible to rival. Crews use Karcher washers to clean Mt. Rushmore, The Space Needle, St. Peter’s Square, and other important landmarks across the world, after all. But what many people don’t know is that they also make vacuums, steam cleaners, and sweepers.

Karcher got started in 1935 making submersible heating elements. By 1950 they were making Europe’s first hot-water pressure washers, and the rest is really history.