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I Can’t Find My Model Number

Last modified on 09-14-2015
The format of Husqvarna model numbers can vary from just letters, just numbers, and differing combinations of the two.

Lawn Tractors: look for the model number on a sticker under the seat. If you see digits such as CTH130 or GT180, you’ve found the right number.

Walk-Behind Mowers: You can find the identification tag on the mower deck.

Handheld Tools: First check the recoil assembly, then the fuel tank.

Snowblowers/Generators: You’ll find the model number on the frame.

If you’re still having a hard time finding your model number or navigating our site, our Customer Service representatives would be happy to help you, just give us a call!

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If you’ve made a rookie mistake and need to cover it up to avoid ridicule from your friends, don’t worry. has the spare parts to fix your mess, and the resources to teach you how to avoid getting yourself into the same predicament in the future.

We stock the parts you need for most major repairs. So whether you need a new bar for your chainsaw, a replacement carburetor, or even an air filter to perform routine maintenance, you can find it here.
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A History of Success
Surprisingly, Husqvarna didn’t manufacture tools when it was first established way back in 1689. The Swedish company was founded to make firearms for their Army. It wasn’t until 1959 that Husqvarna started manufacturing chainsaws and power lawn mowers, the products they’re most associated with today.