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I Don’t See My Homelite Model Number

Every Homelite product will have an identification tag where you can find your product’s model number. The location of these plates changes depending on the tool you use, but it’s a pretty easy thing to find when you know what you’re looking for.

The white and black plate will have your product’s model number and its serial number as well. It also includes information about your tool’s emissions, power output, size, and more. The number on the left of the tag is the model number. That’s the one you want. The tag should label it as such, with the serial number just to the right of that. Since Homelite doesn’t use tool types, you’ll only need the model number to find Homelite spare parts on our site.

Let us Help with Your Homelite Repair

Has your trimmer stopped filtering fuel, causing damage to your carburetor in the process? Or maybe your pressure washer detergent tank has a crack in it? Whatever your Homelite repair needs, we can help with hundreds of in-stock parts, ready to ship to you fast. We can get you a new fuel filter, a new carburetor or a carburetor rebuild kit. We have parts for Homelite’s generators, blowers, chainsaws, lawn mowers and more!

And we also have a vast collection of repair knowledge. Whether you prefer videos or articles, or just want a forum where you can ask specific repair questions, we have you covered with our repair articles, videos, and forum, where all kinds of DIYers come together to talk about tools. Just check out the links below to gain access to those resources.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
Customer Feedback
Thanks for the parts and the nice diagrams. Thanks to you I got my old Homelite string trimmer working again.
Norton W.
Safer Sawing
Maybe you’ve seen a homelite chainsaw before. If you have you probably noticed that their saws--at least the newer models--come with built-in kickback guards on the nose. The same company that wants to keep you safe cutting wood doesn’t stop there. Many of their products feature innovative designs to make working easier, such as the hedge sweeper bar on their trimmers, which helps scrape away debris.

Homelite began in 1921 when the company’s founder, Charles Ferguson, developed a lightweight gas-powered generator. The company increased its offerings over the years to include more lawn equipment. Here’s an interesting fact: The Homelite XL-12 chainsaw was featured in many of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies.