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Where’s My Hayward Model Number?

If you still have the original box that your Hayward product came in, or even the owner’s manual, you will be able to find the model number listed there. If not, you’ll need to pull your Hayward out of the pool and search for the model number on the unit. Typically, the model number is listed on a sticker, right below the Hayward logo. You shouldn’t have a problem finding this sticker on your product as they usually place them in easy-to-find locations.

Keep in mind that many Hayward products will have their product’s name as the model number. For example, a Hayward Diver Dave pool vacuum has the model number “Diver Dave”. Once you find your model number (or model name), enter it into the box above and start searching for replacement parts!

Hayward Knowledge Center

Since you’re on this page, you’re probably looking for some spare parts for your Hayward actuator, filter, pool cleaner, pump, or even a valve. You’ll be happy to know that we carry thousands of Hayward spare parts for all of their models, so whatever you need, we probably stock.

And our interactive parts diagrams make it easy to navigate the breakdowns to find the exact parts you need. To top it all off, we even have repair resources that can assist you during the repair. If you need any help, click the links to our forum or repair center below.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
Customer Comments
Thanks so much, you are a first class company.
Jim H.
Louisiana, USA
The Pool Cleaning Solution
When most people think of a swimming pool, they think of fun backyard games and nice summers lounging on one of those inflatable rafts. They probably don’t think about the work it takes to keep the pool from turning green. That’s why its important to have an arsenal of Hayward products to keep it properly maintained.

Hayward makes just about every mechanical pool device out there. And as their technology grows, their products become more automated. They have little robot pool cleaners that run along the bottom and sides of your pool to give you the cleanest pool possible. And to top it all off, the cleaners even come in themed versions like “Diver Dave” and “Aquabug”. So if you want to take the headaches out of pool maintenance and spice up the “cuteness” of your pool, buy a Hayward.