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Parts Shipped Fast!
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Live Customer Support.
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Help me Spot My Genie Model Number

Finding the model number of your Genie garage door opener is a task that can be done in minutes and is necessary in order to pull up a parts listing for your product. And all you’ll need is a ladder.

Simply gain access to the plastic housing of your garage door opener and scan the unit for the Genie logo. Right below this logo you’ll find the make and model of your garage door opener. For example, a SilentMax 1000 would have the model number of 1000.

It’s that easy!

And if you have any questions concerning the model number or part availability, we urge you to contact us directly at (866) 802-6383.

Genie Repairs from A to Z

If you have a Genie garage door that’s having trouble opening on command, then you’ll probably need to do some diagnosing to figure out the problem. And since hiring a repair man can be expensive, you’ll probably want a better option.

Well friends, you’ve finally found it. You’ve found your one-stop shop for resources and parts for any of your appliances, power tools, lawn equipment, plumbing, outdoor recreation, grills, and even exercise equipment. If you’d like to learn more about everything we have to offer, swing by the link below. And if you don’t see an answer to your question there, please call our customer service representatives. We work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied.
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Genie takes a “no-nonsense” approach to manufacturing their famous garage door openers. They expect their products to perform when you need them, and their warranty makes sure that happens. Whether you need a heavy-duty professional opener or a retail model, Genie has the parts and service to get it installed.

And as the company moves towards their future, so do their products. Their security initiative is bringing a piece of mind to many owners. Try their Intellicode remote access security system today to see what the future of garage door openers has become.