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Locate My Dyson Model Number

To make sure we find you compatible parts, we’ll need to properly identify your product with its model number. Dyson displays their model numbers on a white sticker, next to the Dyson logo. You’ll find this sticker in the following areas on your vacuum:

Uprights: Check on the back of the unit, by the wheels. You may also want to look on the back near the base, or remove the hose, then look under the main body recess. Still not seeing it? Remove the bin and cyclone assembly, then search the main body recess.

Cylinders: Search under the machine, or under the bin and cyclone assembly.

Handhelds: Check on the inside of the handle or behind the filter.

Once you’ve found this sticker, find a number that starts with “DC”. Dyson always starts their model numbers with these letters. Some Dyson models require that you know the type of the vacuum along with the model number. For instance, a DC-07 will have a full gear, all floors, HSN exclusive, and low reach types. The tag will also tell you what version you have.

The Help You Need with Dyson products

We’re hoping that you never need to repair your Dyson vacuum. And with their signature quality, chances are that you won’t have to worry about it much. But if a problem does come up, we’re prepared to help you get it fixed.

Not only do we carry all of the Dyson spare parts you need, we also offer resources to help you with any situation that may come up during the repair process. So if you have a question on whether you need to replace the entire brushroll or just a few screws, the experts in our Repair Forum can help. And if you ever need help with removal or installation, our repair videos and articles will help walk you through the steps. To put it simply, we take the guesswork out of repairs.
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Rave Reviews
Thanks again for all of your help on this! This was the first time I have purchased from you, I got your info from Google. I will not hesitate to use you again and I will recommend you to all of my friends because of your superior customer service and your efforts to keep the customer happy!
Steve K.
Michigan, USA
Infused with Technology
Let’s face it, most of us watch a Dyson advertisement and immediately crave an easy-handling vacuum. Their iconic ball technology has made their products one of the more sought after vacuums on the market. If you’re a customer looking to have the cutting-edge in floor care, you can’t beat a Dyson.