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Find My Dremel Model Number

Are you having trouble locating the model number on your Dremel product? If so, we’re here to help. Dremel lists their model numbers on a rating plate, or more commonly known as a nameplate sticker. You know, the one that has a bunch of specification numbers?

If you’re familiar with this sticker, you should know right where to look. If you’re not, you can just look on the side housing of your tool and it will be posted there.

Once you’ve found the tool’s nameplate, simply search the tag for the model number and serial number. The model number is labeled, so scan the tag and you should find it fairly easily. The serial number will also reside on this tag, just look for a set of 10 digits that starts with a letter. For an example of how the model/serial number should look, read below:

Example: 275 (F013027503), 395 (F0130395DK). Once you have both of these numbers, you can start ordering parts!

The Help You Need with Dremel Tools

We all understand how useful a Dremel tool can be, it’s the only tool in your shop that’s versatile, lightweight, and durable. Therefore, if it ever stops working, it could throw a wrench in any project you’re currently working on. That’s why it’s important to not only keep your Dremel well-maintained, but also to have a trusty resource to visit when it does need a repair.

That’s where comes in. We have Dremel spare parts for their multi-tools, grinders, sanders, and even routers. And if you order a part and don’t know how to disassemble your tool to get it installed, our repair resources will allow you to ask our experts questions and find repair guides. Check them out below!
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
Rave Reviews
I ordered a small part for a Sears rotary Dremil type tool. The part was very easy to find on their web site. It was received quickly and fit and worked well. They are a good place to check for parts on items that might be consider a throw away but are well worth keeping if you can find the parts.
The Original Multi-Tool
Why is a Dremel known as a “multi-tool”? Well let’s think about this. It’s basically a tool you can use for carpentry, masonry, painting, construction, and even crafts. If you’re clever enough to think of a specialized way to use it, this multi-tool will perform.

From the most delicate job to the hardest job, Dremel products can do it all. Their versatility and value make their tools a must-own for any DIYer out there.