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 Dremel 3000 VS Rotary Tool Parts

Collet Nut
Part Number: 2610014582
In Stock, 25+ Available
Nose Cap
Part Number: 2610013854
In Stock, 6 Available
Armature & Bearing Assembly
Part Number: 2610013850
In Stock, 22 Available
Field Assembly
Part Number: 2610006549
In Stock, 19 Available
Part Number: 2610009839
In Stock, 25+ Available
Brush Cap
Part Number: 2610009826
In Stock, 25 Available
Carbon Brush Set
Part Number: 2610009829
In Stock, 25+ Available
Switch Assembly
Part Number: 2610013852
In Stock, 25+ Available
Power Supply Cord
Part Number: 2615294041
In Stock, 25+ Available
Rubber Ring
Part Number: 2615297373
In Stock, 19 Available
Shaft Lock Button
Part Number: 2610013890
In Stock, 10 Available
Part Number: 2615000480
Ships In 7 - 13 Business Days
Housing Set
Part Number: 2610013888
Ships In 7 - 13 Business Days
Part Number: 2610013891
Ships In 7 - 13 Business Days
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 2615990962
Sorry, this part is no longer available
Recessed-Head Screw
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 2615294035
Sorry, this part is no longer available

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Accessories for the Dremel 3000

Questions & Answers

Are collets smaller than the # 480 such as 1/16th or 1/32nd available for the # 3000 dremel tool?
Tom Quigley for model number 3000
Hi Tom, sadly 1/8th inch is the only size I could find compatible with this model. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair!
Hi there, do you ship to Australia? I need a part, field assembly. Thanks you.
Scott for model number Dermel 3000
Hello Scott, Thank you for the question. To place an international order or receive a pricing quote: -Find the part(s) you need -Click: Add to cart -When your Shopping Cart comes up, then click on: Outside the US? Click here for international checkout. This takes you to iGlobal, our partner who takes care of international orders. It will show you from there how to proceed (you select your country, etc.). It will then show the different shipping options and their prices after you choose the country. You may also contact them directly via their website at Please be aware that they are unable to look up models and help find parts so if you need help with finding the parts feel free to give us a call at 435-239-3048. If you do have the part number you are looking for, feel free to call them directly. We hope this helps! Please let us know if you need anything else.
Can not get the bit out of socket 3000
Rusty for model number 3000
Hello Rusty and thanks for writing. Locate the chuck at the end of the drill. The chuck is the part of the drill that holds the bit in place. ... Rotate the chuck counterclockwise. ... Set the bit aside so that you don't lose it. ... Unscrew the chuck if it's is stuck. ... Turn the chuck counterclockwise with a wrench if it's stuck. We hope this helps. Please contact us anytime.
Discussion for the Dremel 3000 VS Rotary Tool

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Question: Burned Up A Bit


Was using me dremel to try and cut through many pages of a book to make a hiding place. Burnt something out, left it alone for a bit and tried it later on and could only get it to run if i was holding it just the right way, replaced the speed control and brushes but that didnt seem to work. Im not looking at the "armature" cause troubleshooting with it apart i saw a spark in that area. Can anyone add and sudjust looking in a different area. or if i just suck at replacing the speed control.
Hello sleepiejak,

Inspect the 2610013850 Armature & Bearing Assembly, to see if any of the commutator bars are darkened or are burnt, also check the windings on it, to see if the insulation got hot. If you can smell burnt insulation you will need a new one.

Question: The Armature


i can't get the collets to screw on .. seems the teeth are worn out on the drill bit of the dremmel 3000. Is there a replacement for I my that bit ?
Hello Sachin,

If the threads are stripped on the Dremel 2610013850 Armature and the 2610014582 Collet nut. You will need to replace them.

Question: Dremel 3000 Variable Speed Switc...


I have a dremel 3000. the variable speed switch is not functioning correctly. it does slide and the tool does turn on but it seems to always be on 10 no matter which number you turn it to. Just want to make sure that the problem is the switch and not something else before i buy parts.
Hello 1750567,

If you order the Dremel 2610013852 Switch Assembly. That should take care of your problem. While your in there, check your brushes.

Actually, I meant to type I "can't " live w/o my Dremel!
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