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Each product has a unique model number the same way your automobile has a unique make and model. Locating this number helps us provide you with the correct replacement parts and repair help for your specific product.

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Find Your Classen Model Number

When you need replacement parts for your Classen turf equipment, whether an aerator, seeder, or one of their other products, the best place to start is with the model number. This will help guarantee you get the right parts for your specific machine and help prevent improperly guess at what may or may not fit. If you still have the owner’s manual or box that came with your equipment, you can find the model number quickly there. Otherwise, you’ll have to search a bit on your equipment.

Keep an eye out for a metal tag or a number imprinted into a metal component of your equipment. Because lawn equipment gets used in the elements, most manufacturers will place the tag in a hard-to-find area, free from wear and tear. Check between the wheels and around the engine housing for the tag, and also on the nameplate where Classen lists their name.

Once you find that number, just enter it above to bring up a list of parts specific to your lawn equipment. It’s really that easy. If you’re still having trouble, don’t worry. Just give us a call and we’ll happily help you find the information you need.

The Classen Repair Resources You Need

So you’ve received the parts you need for your Classen repair, but you still aren’t really sure what to do next? Well, don’t worry about a thing. Because at, we do more than just help you find the parts that fit in your lawn equipment--we help you install them as well. Just check out some of our repair resources to see what we mean.

First, check out our Repair Center. We have hundreds of articles with pictures, video, and detailed descriptions there. No matter how difficult your repair, you can get through every step with ease thanks to the resources in the Repair Center. If you don’t find what you need there, we can still help. Just swing by our forums to find a community of DIY pros who will happily answer any questions you may have about steps in your repair. While you’re there, you can chime in with tips of your own and join the discussion about DIY culture.

With, all your repairs are covered from the time you order parts all the way through to the end of your repair!
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North Carolina, USA
Root in Iron
In 1973, husband and wife Tom and Sylvia Classen created the Classen company. In their early days, they manufactured iron sign posts, can crushers and other utilities before branching into the lawn care world in 1977. Their first piece of lawn equipment was a walk-behind aerator and since then they’ve grown the company to include even more high-end equipment.

We stock parts for Classen aerators, Classen seeders, Classen sod cutters, and more. And because we ship all our in-stock parts in one business day, you know you can get your lawn equipment back up and running again without the wait and expense that comes with a repair shop. That’s the eReplacementParts way!