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I Can’t Find My Chicago Pneumatic Model Number

Can’t find your Chicago Pneumatic model number? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Chicago Pneumatic can put their nameplate displaying the model number in a number of different locations. First off, the model numbers are almost always listed on metal tags that are riveted to the tool.

Once you've found this tag, you’ll need to search for both your tool's model number and serial number. Most of the time the model number will start with a “CP” followed by four to seven digits. Examples of their model numbers include CP1117P05, CP1064, and CP883.

Now scan the tag for your product's serial number. This is typically a numerical 10 digit number. But occasionally it can start with a ‘T’ and in that case, would only be seven digits long. Examples: T025098, 6151979850, 8941098830.

So, once you’ve found both the model and serial number of your tool, you’re ready to start browsing our parts lists.

Unfortunately, since Chicago Pneumatic tools are used hard, all of the information on the name plate may be worn away. And if this is the case, its going to be more difficult to identify your tool. You’re best served in this situation to give us a call. Our reps are pretty good at handling these types of situations.

Ask the Experts about Chicago Pneumatic Tools

Are you here for Chicago Pneumatic spare parts, but don’t know where to start? Our repair resources are a great place to begin your repair process. Whether you want to discuss repair problems on our forum or get step-by-step repair guides from our repair center, our experts can help answer all of your questions. And of course, our extensive parts diagrams will allow you to sort through your model to find the exact parts you need.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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In this day of lack of customer service, I am very very glad to see that YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COMMUNICATION WAS EXCELLENT...EXCELLENT COMMUNICATIONS. Thanks. If I every need parts again, I will check my BOOKMARK of your site FIRST. From a very happy customer.
Carl F.
Colorado, USA
A History of Their Own
Most tool buffs would identify Chicago Pneumatic as the company that makes specialized tools for specialized jobs. But you may not know that this iconic brand is deeply rooted in the history of the United States. Their tools were used by workers to build the Lincoln Tunnel, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Boulder Dam, Glen Canyon Bridge, Boeing and Lockheed aircraft, and the Apollo spacecraft.