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Posted by on May 14, 2013    |    3 Comments   

The heart and soul of your home lies in its curb appeal. So why would you settle for an average-looking lawn?

You shouldn’t.

Every homeowner has the envied neighbor who consistently has the best lawn, best holiday decorations and the shiniest cars on the block. While we can’t help you with the decorations or cars, we can help you turn your lawn into a masterpiece.

A perfect lawn doesn’t have to be a guessing game, there’s plenty of information out there that can help you achieve a green, lush and healthy lawn, without worrying!

Photo by {Carol Elliot} via Flickr

What grass should you choose?

Many of the problems that lie in temperamental lawns aren’t always a result of poor care, but rather a result of using incompatible grass for your climate. There are thousands of different grass types out there, and each has its own unique personality. So, choosing the grass for your yard shouldn’t be a quick decision. Carefully evaluate your climate, soil, and amount of sun your yard gets each day. Many people choose to leave this decision to the experts, so it may help to ask your local nursery or garden center for their advice.

Depending on what part of the country you live in, consider one of the following options:

Balanced: Kentucky Bluegrass

Cool Climate: Perennial Ryegrass

Warm Climate: Bermuda Grass


Sod or Seed?:

Like the epic debates of National League vs. American League, fruits vs. veggies, and football vs. fútbol, choosing between sod and grass seed isn’t always an easy decision.

If time is of any concern, then sod is your best option–it’s easily laid down, offers instant gratification, and immediately prevents erosion. But the added expense, limited selections, and potential rooting issues can be a barrier to your project. That’s why we recommend using grass seed exclusively–the cost is drastically lower, you’ll have a greater selection grass types to choose from and you’ll gain a emotional ‘connection’ with your budding grass from a young age, which is key to any immaculate lawn (just ask your envied neighbor!).



Believe it or not,  mowing your grass too short is one of the main causes of an unhealthy lawn. Longer blades of grass help shade weeds, promote (healthy) nutrients and, most importantly, give your lawn deeper roots for an additional barrier from drought. If your mower has an adjustable mow-height setting, adjust it to its highest setting, or about four inches tall. A consistent mowing schedule will help your lawn grow deep and stay healthy year-round.



Frequent watering of your lawn can cause more problems than it solves. It not only wastes water, it promotes short roots(susceptible to drought) and diseases. Start watering your lawn deeply once or twice per week. This deep watering gives your lawn long roots and that healthy shine you’re looking for.


Pro Secrets

Many experts recommend avoiding fertilizers and pesticides at all costs, but your lawn still needs some kind of juice, right?

If so, you may want to consider one of the many home brewed tonics that are available on the Internet. This popular recipe from was developed by a golf course groundskeeper for lawns in all climates:

You will need:

  • One full can of regular pop (any kind-no diet soda)
  • One full can of beer (no light beer) 12oz
  • 1/2 Cup of Liquid dishwashing soap (do NOT use anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid)
  • 1/2 Cup of household ammonia
  • 1/2 Cup of mouthwash (any brand)


  • Pour into 10-gallon hose-end sprayer (other sizes will work too)
  • In high heat, apply every three weeks


Who knows? Maybe this is the secret your envied neighbor has been using all this time.



As times and yard features change, the lawn will always be the centerpiece to your home. If cared for properly, it can significantly increase the value (and appeal) of your home. No matter if you’re looking to “keep up with the Joneses” or improve the livability of your home, a lawn is a solid investment. Take the time to do it right, and you’ll become the neighbor you’ve been envying for years.




If you’re looking to make a statement and seriously wow your neighbors, learn how to mow your lawn like your favorite baseball field! The art of patterned lawns is quickly making its way to neighborhoods across the country. Take a page from professional groundskeepers by striping your own lawn with a sharp design.

See how to do it:


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  1. Very informative and interesting. Thanks for the helpful ideas.

  2. Love the pics! Always wanted to know how to do that. Thanks Bryce!

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