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Black and Decker BDL18 Type 1 18 Volt Light

 Black and Decker BDL18 Type 1 18 Volt Light Parts

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 Fig # Part # Img Part Name Availability Price Qty
Krypton Bulb
In stock
25+ available
Flashlight Obsolete - Not Available
18V Battery
Ships in 9 - 15 business days
PS185 18V Charger
In stock
11 available

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Discussion for the Black And Decker BDL18 Type 1 18 Volt Light

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Question: Battery


how can you tell if the battery is good or bad
Question: Design Change


The newer version of this flashlight does not have a screw off lens...the lightbulb is attached to an assembly that locks into the back of the light. The bulb is not screwed in but needs to be twisted until the notch in the bulb falls under the tab to allow for removal.
Shirley Montfort
Question: Battery Or Charger?

Shirley Montfort

How do i know if the battery went bad or the charger?
Do I have to buy a new charger in order to purchase and use a new battery for my BD drill driver and light?