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DeWALT DW928 Cordless Drill

DeWALT DW928 Cordless Drill Parts

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DeWALT DW928 Cordless Drill

DeWALT DW928 Cordless Drill Parts

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Housing Set
Part Number: 397147-04
In Stock, 3 Available
Bit Clip
Part Number: 148354-03
In Stock, 7 Available
Screwdriver Bit
Part Number: 607918-41
In Stock, 16 Available
Note: P#2/S#8
Dewalt Logo Label
Part Number: 395657-00
In Stock, 8 Available
Keyless Chuck Jacobs, 3/8
Part Number: 330075-46
In Stock, 7 Available
Note: 1/2-20 Thread
Reverse Thread Screw
Part Number: 605256-01
In Stock, 15 Available
Note: Lh
Fwd/Rev Button (Capax Switch For Marquette Use 634728-00)
Obsolete -
Not Available

Part Number: 623997-00
Note: Use With Capax Switch

Part Number: 392086-01SV
In Stock, 4 Available
Switch Kit
Part Number: N034934
In Stock, 4 Available
Torx Screw
Part Number: 682211-00
In Stock, 22 Available
Note: M3 X 16mm T10
Adjusting Collar
Obsolete -
Not Available

Part Number: 391899-00

Part Number: 326467-00
In Stock, 6 Available
Motor and Pinion
Obsolete -
Not Available

Part Number: 615321-01SV

Transmission/Clutch Assembly
Part Number: 623331-00SV
In Stock, 10 Available
Note: Includes Item 15
Spindle Assy.
Part Number: 392095-00
In Stock, 7 Available
Note: Included in Item 14
Part Number: 386690-00
In Stock, 16 Available
Clutch Plate
Part Number: 397303-00
In Stock, 3 Available
Clutch Spring
Part Number: 391912-01
In Stock, 1 Available
Adjusting Nut
Part Number: 391911-00
In Stock, 3 Available
Part Number: 798959-00
In Stock, 5 Available
Brush Pair Kit
Part Number: 389025-00SV
In Stock, 25+ Available
Note: Inc 28, 29
Name Plate
Part Number: 615620-00
In Stock, 1 Available
Lead Wire
Part Number: 398978-00
In Stock, 9 Available
Note: Purple, Only Used on Original Non-Sealed Motor.
Lead Wire Assembly
Part Number: 398979-01
In Stock, 2 Available
Note: Only Used on Original Non-Sealed Motor.
Brush Box
Part Number: 603754-01
In Stock, 25+ Available
Note: Only Used on Original Non-Sealed Motor.
Shifter Wire
Part Number: 391896-00
In Stock, 1 Available
Part Number: N017298
In Stock, 4 Available
Note: 8 Oz
Part Number: 652211-00
In Stock, 4 Available
Note: Not Supplied
Dewalt 14.4 Volt Battery (Ni-Cd, Compact) Wholesale
Part Number: N143361
In Stock, 2 Available
Note: Dw9094 14.4v Nc1100
Battery Cap
Part Number: 645221-00
In Stock, 25+ Available
Note: Not Included W/Unit
DeWALT 7.2V - 18V Charger
Part Number: 388683-12
In Stock, 4 Available
Note: Dw9116
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Accessories for the DW928

Hole Saws:
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5/8" Hole Saw - 1/2"-20 Thread


5Hole Saw - 5/8"-18 Thread

Discussion for the DeWALT DW928 Cordless Drill

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Question: Handheld Power Drill


Hey, I have a question why Bosch company is more reliable for drill machine compare to other
best hammer drill
Question: Spindle Assembly


How do you remove the spindle assembly from the clutch housing and chuck housing?
It broke into two pieces.
Reply: Spindle Assembly


Hello 1173887,

By looking at the 623331-00SV Transmission/Clutch Assembly. You are going to have to start at the back and remove the plate, then gears and all the parts with in the clutch assembly to get the 392095-00 out. Then putting it back together again may be more work than it is worth. You may be better off by just ordering the 623331-00SV transmission assembly it will save you a lot of time and frustration. Just my thought.

Question: Motor Comparison


I have an older dw928 with a motor part #603325-0114. Is the part #615321-01 the same motor?
Reply: Motor Comparison


Hello amos,

I have looked at all of the schematics on the DW928 and on all of them the part numbers for the motor does show it being 615321-01. I am guessing that the number 603305-114 that you have a question about is a number on the motor itself. That is a number that the manufacture will put on a part for production purposes and most of the time has nothing to do with the actual part number of that item.

Hope this helps,
Question: Brush Replacement For DW928 Dril...


I have disassembled drill. Have new brushes, but the end plate near the brushes appears to be sealed. How do I access the brushes?
Question: Chuck Replacement


My dad gave me 2 of his old Dewalts both need new chucks. On one of them I am able to get to the screw holding the chuck in place but its a little striped any pointers on getting it out? The other one I am unable to get the bit that is in the drill out, the chuck inst moving. Any ideas on that?
Question: How Hard Is It To Replace The Mo...


How hard is it to replace the motor on a DeWalt 928 battery drill?
Reply: How Hard Is It To Replace The Mo...


Hi Len,

Replacing the motor is a very easy repair. First remove half of the tool's housing. Now you can access the motor. Lift the motor out of the housing and separate it from the transmission. Now with a pair of needle nose pliers you can remove the motor lead wires. Make sure you keep track of which is which. Now you can reattach the leads to the new motor and mount it back to the transmission in the housing. Be careful to make sure that all of the wires are tucked away so that they are not pinched by the housings when you put the screws back in. Your drill should now be ready to go!

Good luck with your repair!


Question: DeWalt Brush Replace

a. palmer jr.

Hi, I have a DeWalt 14.4 volt drill, model DW928 that needs brushes pretty badly. Anybody know what I'm getting into trying to replace them?
Reply: DeWalt Brush Replace


replaceing brushes are very easy. they should cost you less than $10.00 for both of them.
Reply: DeWalt Brush Replace


Hello! The brushes for your cordless drill are really easy to replace and totally worth it. It's $11.75 for the set here. For that particular drill you'll have to open the whole housing with a torx driver but overall it's straightforward.
Review: DeWALT DW928 - Bosch Hammer Dril...
3 star
Hey, I have a question why Bosch company is more reliable for drill machine compare to other
best hammer drill
Review: DeWALT DW928 - Hammer Dril L
3 star
Hello, i have a question why Bosch is more reliable compare to other machine.
link removed/
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