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Exhaust fan stopped working after minimal use. The light/fan is about 3 years old, but the exhaust fan has rarely been used. What is the likely problem and fix.
steve walters for model number Broan 100 HFL
Hello Steve, thank you for your question. The most likely issue is a burned out fan motor. We would recommend replacing the Fan Motor Part Number: S99080602. Please enter the part number into the site for current price and availability. Good luck with your repair!
This is a follow up question to problem with Broan 100 HFL fan. Is it unusual for the fan motor to burn out so soon? Is replacing the fan motor a relatively easy repair?
Hello Steve, thank you for your question. The motor shouldn't burn out very quickly, but sometimes over time, and if the unit was purchased quite a bit after manufacturing they can have issues. The motor replacement is a fairly easy repair. To replace a vent fan using a fan motor replacement kit: Turn off the power to the fan at the circuit breaker or fuse box. Remove the cover on the vent fan. Unplug the fan motor from the vent fan housing. Unscrew the old fan motor from the housing, and take it out. Fit the new fan motor in the housing, and screw it in place. Plug the new fan motor into the fan housing. Replace the cover on the vent fan. Turn the power back on, and test the fan. I hope this helps!
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Question: Fan Motor Replacement


can't find replacement motor for Broan-Nutone p/n 99080582
Hello gabehring,

If you are having a problem locating the 99080602 fan motor. You have come to the the right place. The factory shows it available. All you have to do is order it.

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