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Where’s My Wagner Model Number?

Wagner uses both letters and numbers in their model numbers. They also vary the model number length on many of their products. You can look for an ID tag or nameplate on your handheld sprayers. The model number should be clearly identified. If you use Wagner’s professional line of sprayers, check for a metal tag on the pump or another prominent area of the sprayer.

Still having trouble finding your model number? Give us a call and one of our service techs will happily help you locate it.

Have a Problem with Your Wagner Sprayer? We Can Help!

You rely on Wagner’s products to get the job done. Whether you’re just touching up some walls inside the house, or painting a 10-story building on a strict, contractual deadline, you expect their paint sprayers to help you get the job done right. When your Wagner sprayer goes down with an unexpected problem, you may need parts fast. Lucky for you, we stock hundreds of Wagner spare parts, many of which ship in 24 hours. So you can spend less time waiting on a repair shop and more time painting.

Whether you need something simple like a Power Painter container, or a more complicated piston assembly, we have the parts to help you get back to work faster. And remember to check out our repair resources, including the Repair Forum where you can get professional advice on all your repair questions and DIY projects.
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Two Tips for Better Performance
Wagner serves the consumer DIY market as well as professional contractors. They design products intended to simplify the painting process from start to finish. One of the things that makes Wagner sprayers so effective are the dual tips they use in their units. The twin tips help increase their range and reduce overspray.