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 How do I find my model number?
Why do we need your model number?
Each product has a unique model number the same way your automobile has a unique make and model. Locating this number helps us provide you with the correct replacement parts and repair help for your specific product.

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Why Repair?

By repairing your own household appliances and electronics, you are giving them a second chance and saving them from the landfill. You'll also reduce the amount of waste, power and gas it requires to manufacture and deliver new products.

Help me Spot My Rockwell Model Number

To make sure we pull up compatible parts for your model, we’ll need to know your products model number. Don’t worry if you don’t know it. By following the steps outlined in this section, you should have no problem finding this number and ordering the part(s) you need. So, without further adieu, let’s begin.

The majority of Rockwell model numbers start with the suffix of ‘RK’. For example, a Rockwell sander may have the model number RK4245K, a Rockwell cordless drill a model number of RK2811K2, and a Rockwell planer a model number of RK5259K. If this information helps you locate your products model number, you’re ready to start shopping for parts. Otherwise, keep reading to learn where you can find your model number.
Always check the owner’s manual that came with your Rockwell. It’s usually printed on the cover. If you no longer have your owner’s manual, you’ll want to scan your model for an identification tag or sticker. This sticker will have the Rockwell logo and may be white or yellow. Rockwell places this tag in an area of your tool that’s free from wear and tear, but also easily accessible. This includes places like the housing, frame, sides, and occasionally the handle.

If you’re not seeing any numbers that start with ‘RK’ or if your model number isn’t pulling up any results on our website, you’re welcome to give us a call. Our customer service agents are happy to help you identify your Rockwell model and answer any additional questions you may have. We can be reached at (866) 802-6383, Monday through Friday.

Rockwell Repairs from A to Z

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with the prices, excuses, and time delays of your local repair shop, it’s time to start fixing your products yourself. And with, it’s easy to get started, learn new tricks and tips, and properly maintain your tools to prevent repairs in the future.

As you can probably tell by this point, we sell parts and accessories for Rockwell tools and pretty much any other brand of appliance, grill, home office, pool and spa, and power tool out there. But you probably don’t know that we also pride ourselves on providing some of the best support out there. This includes our awesome customer service team, technical crew, and our repair resources. These repair resources allow our customers to get the help they need on their own, and they’re absolutely free. If you’re wondering what these resources are all about, let us explain.

We have a repair forum that consists of thousands of members. There are new threads started daily and anyone is allowed to post, reply, and be more knowledgeable than the rest of our community. This is the best place to get help diagnosing a particular issue. Doing this allows you to get expert advice on the parts necessary to complete your repair.

And since most of our replacement parts don’t come with installation instructions, we’ve developed our own. These instructions are located in our repair center. They come in the form of videos and printed articles with pictures. These allow you to watch our in-house expert Mark complete the repair and then print off the article to use while you’re going through the steps.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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