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How to Locate Your Pentair Model Number

Our website will only bring up compatible parts when you search for your model. Doing this prevents our customers from receiving wrong or incorrect items. So we’ll need the model number off your Pentair product to bring up an interactive parts listing. You can always find this information on your product’s owner’s manual. But if that was lost years ago, keep reading for instructions on where to find your Pentair model number.

Each Pentail model will have a rating plate or sticker on the body of the product. For example, a Pentair pool heater will have its rating plate on the inner front panel.

Once you find this rating plate, you should see the model number clearly labeled. Sometimes Pentair makes their model numbers long, but not all of the numbers are necessary to look up your model. So take a look at the regular format of Pentair model numbers below to get a better idea what you should be looking for.

Most of the time, Pentair will start their model numbers with two letters followed by 2-4 numbers and possibly one additional letter. An example of this is LX5000G or P80710. And a good way to check if you’ve found the right model number is to enter the digits you find into the model number search box above. If you don’t pull anything up, you probably didn’t find the right number and will need to keep searching.

Need a Hand with Your Pentair Repair?

With all of the gaskets and small peripheral parts in pool products, it’s no wonder that diagnosing an issue with your pool heater, cleaner, or filter can be a headache. That’s why we’ve made it easy to get the expert help you need here at

Most people utilize our Repair Forum as a way to speak with our community about their tool, appliance, or any other issue. Our experts and other knowledgeable customers can help you figure out what is wrong with your product and even help you find the parts you need to fix it. And once the parts arrive, you’ll probably need some assistance getting them installed. We take care of that too. Our repair center offers hundred of videos and articles taking you through each step of a specific repair, so you can replicate it in your own home.

If you couldn’t tell at this point, we’re an all-in-one repair resource that’s free and easy to use. So stop putting off those projects let us help you get them done!
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Did You Know?
Pentair knows that you care about your pool. But Pentair also knows that cleaning it, caring for it, and heating it manually can be a real pain. That’s why it’s surprising to learn that when Pentair started out back in 1966, they did so with the intention of manufacturing high-altitude research balloons.

After balloons, they soon turned their efforts to paper manufacturing, and made 350,000 tons annually. Whether or not you‘re aware of Pentair’s storied past or not, you can appreciate where they’ve come since that time.