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Help me Spot My Panasonic Model Number

If you’re here to purchase some replacement parts for your Panasonic tool or vacuum, you’ll need to know your products model number. This information will always be listed on the box that your tool or vacuum came in, and in the owner’s manual. If you have either of these items available, check there first.

If not, Panasonic also lists their product information on a identification sticker on the tool or vacuum itself. This sticker will have the Panasonic logo at the top and the model information right below. It should be labeled as ‘Model No.’, so determining the model number from here shouldn’t be an issue. Most Panasonic tools will have a model number that starts with two letters, usually “EY”. Some examples of this include: EY7880, EY7546, and EYFEA1N.

Once you’ve found your Panasonic model number, enter it in the box provided above or search for your model by clicking the options to the right.

Still need help? Call us at (866)8 02-6383! We’re always happy to help you identify your model.

Panasonic Repairs from A to Z

If you’ve ever had to tackle a tool repair yourself, with little to no experience in the matter, it probably didn’t go too well. That’s why we realized that supplying parts to our customers, is only part of the repair process, and decided to offer more help. We’ve added more resources to take you from step A to step Z of the repair process. These resources come in the form of our repair center and our repair forum, each of which is useful in their own way. For example, if your Panasonic cordless drill starts acting up, would you know what parts to purchase to get it fixed? We’re guessing that you probably don’t. So we’d recommend visiting our forum to ask our community for help diagnosing the issue. Our experts are really good at responding to people immediately.

After you get a diagnosis of your tool from our forum, you’ll want to swing by our parts catalog to get the part(s) you need to fix it up. And once you receive the replacement parts to your door, we recommend coming to our repair center. Our repair center is full of videos and articles walking you through specific repairs, maintenance tips, and replacements. These are perfect for those of you that learn best by watching someone perform the repair first.

Basically, we’ll give you the full repair experience and only charge you for the replacement parts. It sure beats spending hundreds of dollars at a repair shop. So next time your Panasonic product starts acting up, come to and get it fixed up like new.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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Your staff & website has helped me, a DIY'r, to expand his tool collection and tackle more jobs around the house and better prepare for disasters. That's not the easiest thing to do in this economy. I've picked up a few neglected and some vintage power tools but all in need of a little elbow grease. With a little time on your sight, reading articles & watching videos, I've brought some tools back to life and have others in various stages of recovery.
Raymond S.
Florida, USA
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There aren’t many people out there that haven’t used a Panasonic product in their lifetime. They make pretty much every electronic in your home. This includes washers, refrigerators, televisions, Blu Ray players, home stereos, car stereos, and much more. That’s why so many people have put their trust in Panasonic power tools. Their power tools have a longer run-time and work harder than many other brands on the market. So if you want to stick with a brand you know, choose a Panasonic product.