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Parts Shipped Fast!
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Live Customer Support.
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Locate My Huntington Model Number

Luckily, Huntington makes it easy to find their product’s model numbers. They place them on a gas caution sticker on the bottom shelf down by the wheels, on the rear cart support bar, or on the inside panel of the cabinet. Once you find it, you’ll want to search it for your model number.

Your Huntington model number will have a format of all numbers and a hyphen. Some examples of this include 6020-54, 6666-64, and 6130-64. If you’ve found a number similar to this, all you need to do is enter it in the search box provided above.

If you can’t find your model number, we welcome you to give us a call on our toll-free number: (866) 802-6383. We’re open Monday-Fridays to answer any questions you may have.

Expert Advice on Huntington BBQ’s

To keep your grill working smoothly and running right, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance and repair problems when they come up. This requires both knowledge and the necessary tools/parts, which we have here at This includes common parts like grates, burners, and wheels. Or even those hard to find screws. Our parts ship fast around the globe.

If you ever need any assistance during the repair process, we’ve got the help you need here and its absolutely free! These resources come in the form of our repair center and repair forum. Customers are always finding new ways to use these to their advantage. But let us break down the process most customers take when starting their repair process.

First, they’ll login and post their issue on our forum. Our DIY community is great at responding to questions, and can usually diagnose the issue down to the specific part(s) you’ll need to get it working again. And once you’ve got the parts ordered and delivered to your home, you’ll want to visit our repair center. The repair center is filled with hundreds of repair videos that cover most major repairs. And if we don’t have the video you’re looking for, we’re happy to have one of our technicians help you out if you give us a call.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...

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Thank you very much for the timely update!!!!!!!!
Donald R.
Louisiana, USA
Long Lasting Performance
Every so often, you’ll come across a product that you can’t take your eyes off of. Huntington grills seem to have that exact result on their customers. Their stylish designs and heavy-duty castings make them perfect for any climate, in any backyard. Whether you need a simple design for your new backyard island, or a deluxe version to entertain your huge family, Huntington makes it. And we have the parts and accessories you’ll need to make sure it never loses its shine. So if you’re already planning out your next grill purchase, choose something that will last, choose a Huntington.