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Find My Chapin Model Number

If you’ve ever visited our website before, you probably know that you will need to know your product’s model number before you can pull up a parts list. This section will aid you in finding this number, so keep reading if you don’t know it.

Like similar models, you can find your model in at least two different locations. The first being the owner’s manual that came in the box with your product. Do you still have this? If not, you’ll want to search your model for an identification sticker or rating tag. This tag will almost always be the front label you see on the outside of your Chapin sprayer. It’s usually black, and will have the Chapin logo in the top, right-hand corner. Look directly to the right of the logo and you’ll find your Chapin model number. It should be plainly visible once you find the tag. Just grab that number, enter in the search box, and you’ll be on your way to ordering Chapin replacement parts in a matter of minutes.

The Help You Need with Chapin Sprayers

Many of you might not know about everything we offer here at So allow us to give you some suggestions and tips on how our site is best used for your repairs.

It should be obvious by this point that we supply our customers with replacement parts and accessories for their products. This includes all of the Chapin sprayer parts you could ever ask for. But do you know how to properly diagnose, maintain, and properly operate your Chapin product? If your answer is, “YES!”, then you obviously don’t need our repair resources. But most of you probably don’t fit into the ‘expert’ category, and that’s why our repair resources are so much help.

For example, our repair forum can be used in countless different ways. The most important is being a resource to ask any, and all of your questions. This is perfect for helping you determine what parts will be necessary to order to fix up your unit. The community experts that hang out here are great at pointing our customers in the correct direction.

And if you receive your parts and realize that you’ll need some help getting them installed, you will want to visit our repair center. We host tons of videos and articles that help you get through each step of the installation process.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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Thanks for handling this so professionally. I'm glad there are still a few reputable vendors out there, especially on the internet. Be assured that yours will be the first site I check when I next need any replacement parts for my equipment.
Golub Family
Pennsylvania, USA
The Only Choice in Spraying
For over 100 years Chapin has been making top of the line sprayers and spraying accessories. Their innovation in the spraying industry has led them to develop pressurized sprayers, multi-use sprayers, and degreasing sprayers, to name just a few. They specialized in improving self-existing designs and creating sprayers for specific purposes. They’re confident that no matter what Chapin product you use, you’ll get a quality product that will last for years.