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 RotoZip RZ20 (F012MD2000) Router Parts

Part Number: 2610933516
In Stock, 2 Available
Price:  $5.47
Brush Holder Assembly
Note: Includes holders, brushes, leads, and springs.
Part Number: 2610920317
In Stock, 12 Available
Price:  $8.38
Depth Gauge
Part Number: 2610907950
In Stock, 1 Available
Price:  $8.38
Auxiliary Handle
Part Number: 2610919622
In Stock, 2 Available
Price:  $8.38
Part Number: 2610922300
In Stock, 9 Available
Price:  $16.42
Part Number: 2610919615
Ships In 6 - 12 Business Days
Price:  $7.27
Variable Speed Control
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 2610919614
Sorry, this part is no longer available

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Question: Ccrown4


Brushes on my rotozip look good. Continuity to and from switch is good. I don't get continuity thru the speed control, should I? Is it a capacitor or heat switch? Any help would be appreciated.
Hi CCrown4,
As long as you have continuity trough the field then its most likely your speed controller.You won't have continuity through the speed controller as it is digital and must be in an active state for current to flow.Hope this helps.Good luck.
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