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 Cuisinart DLC-2011 Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup Food Processor Parts

Accessories for the Cuisinart DLC-2011

Questions & Answers

I have a cuisinart element 11 cup food processor and need a stem adapter how or where can i find one
Dario asked on 2019-10-02
Hello Dario and thank you for writing. We would be happy to do some research to find you the correct parts. However, we need your model number and the brand name to locate any information on this. Model numbers can be short or long, and could have a mixture of numbers and letters.
I have this model with a black handle. I believe the work for the black handle has been discontinued. Is there another bowl that will fit this model? Thank you.
Theresa Edmunds for model number DLC-2011N asked on 2019-08-13
Hello Theresa, thank you for inquiring. Unfortunately we have no replacement information for it. You will need to reach out to Cuisinart directly for a substitution part number. Please feel free to get back in touch with us to place an order if they provide you with the substitution part number. Thank you!
I have a cuisinart element food processor and in need of a adapter stem that attaches to discs to engage the motor shaft
Dario for model number FP-11 asked on 2019-10-03
Hi Dario, thank you for your question. I have listed the stem for your model below. Good luck with your repair.
Need to replace blade DLC 8 Thank you.
Gail for model number DLC 2011N asked on 2019-10-28
Hello Gail, thank you for your inquiry! For your model DLC-2011, we have metal dough blade which is part number DLC-2011MDB. Unfortunately, there is no other blades listed. I hope this information helps!
In need of the pusher. Is this available?
Lauren Watral for model number DCL2011BCN asked on 2019-11-03
Hi Lauren, the small pusher part DLC-2014SP-1 is available. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair!
I bought a replacement bowl for my DLC2011 Cusinart food processor only to find that the design changed so that now the original lid does not fit the new bowl. I have been unable to find a replacement lid with chute. Can you help
Carla for model number DLC2011 asked on 2019-12-12
Hello Carla, thank you for your inquiry. Cuisinart has discontinued the correct Lid for model DLC-2011. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Do you sell the regular metal blade for this model? Mine has broken inside so that the blade doesn't sit tightly
Maureen for model number DLC-2011 asked on 2020-01-23
Hi Maureen, thank you for your question. It looks like that would be this part here: DLC-2011MDB. Good luck with your repair.
I need a manual for use and care
phyllis for model number DLC 139 10 series) asked on 2020-02-20
Hello Phyllis, thank you for your inquiry. We do not stock this manual. Please reach out to the manufacturer directly. Thank you.
I have a Cuisinart processor and I need a large pusher PN 2011-P
Michael for model number DLC-3011 / DLC-3011C asked on 2020-03-12
Hello Michael , Thank you for the question. I looked up the part and it is listed as No Longer Available/Discontinued. There is no part substitutions listed. My suggestion here would be to call the manufacturer and see if they can provide you with a substitution for these part numbers. We hope this helps!
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Question: CuisinartDLC2011CHB Part


I have been looking for the regular blade for this model for 2 years & keep getting responses that it is not in stock. Can you please let me know why this is not available?
At this time we do have 5 of the Cuisinart part number DLC-861TXB-CSR Stainless Steel Chopping Blade in stock. After we exhaust our supply of these, we will not be able to obtain them any longer.



The manufacture has discontinued the Lid you are looking for. And they did not replace it when they discontinued it.
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