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 Broan 678 Ventilation Fan Parts

Part Number: S97011813
In Stock, 25+ Available
Light Lens
Part Number: S97013578
In Stock, 25+ Available
Acorn Nut
Part Number: S97005316
In Stock, 15 Available
Lamp Socket
Part Number: S99770118
In Stock, 19 Available
Light Reflector
Part Number: S97014211
In Stock, 15 Available
Part Number: S97013974
In Stock, 25+ Available
Part Number: S99110751
In Stock, 7 Available
Motor Plate
Part Number: S97014926
In Stock, 6 Available
Motor & Impeller
Part Number: S97012038
In Stock, 11 Available
Part Number: S99080521
In Stock, 15 Available
Part Number: S99110379
In Stock, 10 Available
Fan Blade
Part Number: S99111002
In Stock, 25+ Available
Motor Nut
Part Number: S99260428
In Stock, 1 Available
Grill Stud/Screw
Part Number: S99150582
In Stock, 3 Available
Part Number: S99270982
In Stock, 25+ Available
Part Number: S99270981
In Stock, 4 Available
Duct Connector (4-Inch)
Part Number: S97014185
In Stock, 15 Available
Wiring Plate
Part Number: S98008868
In Stock, 3 Available
Srv Ground Screw Allure
Part Number: S99150471
In Stock, 1 Available
Part Number: S97014094
In Stock, 1 Available
Light Reflector With Socket
Part Number: S97014212
In Stock, 15 Available
Complete Motor Asm. W/ Blower Wheel & Bracket
Part Number: S97015163
In Stock, 6 Available
Motor Mounting Bracket
Part Number: S97006989
Ships In 10 - 16 Business Days
Wire Panel Assy
Part Number: S97015171
Ships In 10 - 16 Business Days
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: S99110630
Sorry, this part is no longer available
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: S99160309
Sorry, this part is no longer available
Note: 678-A, B, C, D, E, F, 678F-F (Fig. 8,9,11,14, & 15 )
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: S97012028
Sorry, this part is no longer available

Accessories for the Broan 678

Questions & Answers

I need the bathroom fan motor. do you have JA2B099N Can I get it from you thanks. Joe
Joseph Giacalone for model number JA2B009N
Good Day Joseph. Thank you for your question in regards to the fan motor. In order for us to assist you we will need some more information. Is JA2B009N the Part Number for the motor or is the the model number for the fan? Best Regards.
I am looking for a bathroom fan. the motor is BROAN-NUTONE,LLC, Ser 43S T, Mod JA2B099N, 120V 60HZ .7A, 1285RPM, A.O.CONT. THERMALLY PROTECTED, 86652. I can send photo of the motor and the casing but question box won't accept a photo. Thanks Joe
Hello Joseph and thank you for writing The motor for your model is part number SNT86652000 which replaces the original motor that had been discontinued. Thanks again!
looking to upgrade from an existing bathroom fan, preferably 70cfm or higher, with sones no higher than 2.5.
joe for model number broan 678-g/2678f-a
Hello Joe, thank you for your question. We only provide replacement parts. For whole new units please contact the manufacturer directly. I hope this helps!
Discussion for the Broan 678 Ventilation Fan

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Question: RE: Broan Grille & Lens Par...


Hello I have a GE BFL60UQ bath fan/light combo and the grille needs to be replaced. The broan 97014094
replacement you have here almost looks identical will this work?
Hello Christo,

Although we don't supply parts for the BFL60UQ fan/light combo. I can give you the dimensions on the Broan 97014094 Grill & Lens. It is 11-1/4 inches x 10-3/4 inches.

Hope this helps,
We need just the lens cover for our BFL60UQ fan/light. Did you happen to try this Broan model? Just wondering if it worked.
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