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We Sell Only Genuine Black and Decker ® Parts.

Black and Decker PD600 Type 1 Screwdriver

Black and Decker PD600 Type 1 Screwdriver Parts

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We Sell Only Genuine Black and Decker ® Parts.

Black and Decker PD600 Type 1 Screwdriver

Black and Decker PD600 Type 1 Screwdriver Parts

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LED Light
Part Number: 5102992-02
Ships In 8 - 14 Business Days
Ships in 8 - 14 business days

Tape Measure
Part Number: 5103436-00
In Stock, 2 Available
Ships within 1 business day

Part Number: 5102993-00
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Part Number: 90620420-01
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Discussion for the Black And Decker PD600 Type 1 Screwdriver

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Question: Black And Decker 600 Type 2


The clutch on my drill/driver is worn and very weak. Can it be repaired or replaced?
There are not any parts available to repair the clutch on the Black And Decker 600 Screwdriver.
Question: Broken Chuck


For some unknown reason, my grandson decided to take the chuck apart. Is there anyway to get a whole new assembly. All I have right now is the spring and the black cap(?), the ball is missing along with the cotter pin that goes around the top. It's sad that I have a perfectly working tool and now I can't use it. I am not happy :(
Question: Power Switch


I have a PD600 screwdriver and the forward switch does not work only in reverse. What part do I need to remove and replace to make work?
Hello 1124828,

Unfortunately the manufacture does not supply the parts you would need to repair this unit. Which I assume would be the switch assembly.

Question: Quick Release Collar


Where can I find a replacement quick release collar for my PD-600 Pivot Plus drill?
Hello hac46,

Unfortunately the manufacture does not supply that item as a replacement part.

Question: Rocker Switch


Is this switch available as on contact on mine is burned out
Question: Battery

Bill McIntosh

I have a PD600 Type 2, will a Type 1 replace the Type 2?
Type 1, 2 and Model # PD600G all use the same charger and battery.
Part numbers:
5102993-00 BATTERY
90500902 CHARGER
Question: Gears


When driving, a screw feels like it jumps out of gear or the gears have been stripped. I have tried different settings and it still does the same thing.
Is the setting all the way up? They have a clutch that will cause the clicking you hear when it thinks its tight enough. Turn it to the drill setting if all else fails.
Question: Pd700g Pivot Driver Chuck Is Stu...


I have a pivot driver with a driver stuck in the chuck. The chuck won't release.
What do I need to do? I have taken it apart and lubed it and that seems to help, but I put it back together and it works like before--only turns half way on the screw side.
Question: Charger For Pd 600


I have a Black & Decker pd600 screw driver. I need a charger but my model says pd600 type 2 and the replacement chargers are type 1. Can I use them??
Question: Drill Bit For Pivotplus


I love this handy screwdriver / drill but I broke the drill bit and my Phillips driver is worn. How can I get a replacement bit and new screw driver? Is a flat driver available?
Hi Joe,

Your Black & Decker screwdriver uses industry standard 1/4" hex bits. You can find a large selection of these bits in our accessories category. Here is a link...



Question: Replacement Of Battery

John Buehler

The charger on my PD600 is dead. Before I buy a new charger I want to locate and then check out the battery to make sure that it is good. Questions: Location of battery and how do I check it (also how do I remove the battery to check?
It's in the butt end. You must unscrew all the black screws in the lower handle. Remove the black heel. Then unplug the Red wire. Carefully pull out the battery pack. Then unplug the black wire. I got a battery tester, put black to black, red to red and check the charge. Not sure your charger is bad though. Be sure that the plug end is FULLY seated into the unit. If it's not fully down it wont recharge. Also you know it's time to replace the battery when it wont hold a charge for longer than a couple weeks.
Question: Motor For A PD600


I need a replacement motor for my PD600. Does any1 know where I can order 1 ?
Question: Black&decker Pd600


Can this screwdriver be repaid by anyone;)
Hi jkeeven,

Unfortunately Black & Decker doesn't offer many parts to make repairs on this tool.

Link to parts breakdown for B&D pd600 screwdriver.

What is the problem with your screwdriver? I'll be happy to try and help if I can!

Question: Drill Driver Parts

Michael Maita

Hi...I have a Black and Decker Pivot plus drill/driver. I lost the little steel ball in the chuck that enables the drill bit to stay locked in position while using the tool. Where do I find a replacement steel ball? Thanks, Mike.
If you remove the wire retainer for the chuck you can maybe use a BB. If not take it with you to a salvage storeand see what you can find. I'd take the rest of mine apart and tell you how big but I'd probably drop it.
BTW do you know where I can get a new motor for mine?
Question: Trigger Assembly

AV Installer

I would like to know if there is a replacement part for the trigger switch on the PD600.
It doesn't look like they BD provides a replacement switch for that one..I think because of the low cost of the tool..:(
hope this helps..?
Review: Black And Decker - PD600 Home Us...
5 star
Gary Samuels
I have owned many rechargeable screwdrivers. Most them are not worth the money. The PD-600 is by far the best one I ever bought. This will be my 3rd set of batteries. The 2nd set I actually made myself. I don't think you can go wrong with this tool.
Review: Black And Decker - PD600
2 star
AV Instsller
This is a great tool with one flaw. The frequent trigger failure is the only weakness I can see in using. A better toggle switch is needed for longer use both around the house and on the job for small projects.
I agree with your assessment, the toggle switch is horrible. I usually do not have a problem going in reverse, but moving forward is a constant issue. Does anyone have a solution or is there a replacement part that I can purchase to correct the switch issue?
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