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What is the number for the kneading blade .for this bread maker I purchased one before but it did not fit couldn't get it to work ..
Charmaine for model number 5891 asked on 2019-06-25
Hello Charmaine, thank you for your inquiry! The kneader bar for model 5891 is part number 113494-001-000. I hope this information helps!
How do I get machine apart to change the belt
jim for model number 5891 asked on 2019-08-18
Hi Jim, 1. Pry the hinge cover off the back door 2. Remove the back panel, there should be about 5 screws that hold the lower casing. 3. Remove the 8 or so screws holding down the innter wall/heat sheild 4. Disconnect the heatinh element 5. Lift the inner wall out 6. There are around 7 scres holding the bottom plater to the lower caseing. You need to seperate the lower casing from the body to gain access to them all. 7. Disengage the clips, using a slotted screw driver, push the clips away from the top caseing. 8. Remove the screws attaching to the bottom plate. 9. Your Bread Maker should now be completely dissasembled. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair!
We need the Kneader Bar for this model
Joyce for model number 5833 asked on 2019-09-30
Hello Joyce, thank you for your inquiry! The part you are requesting has been discontinued, and we have no known replacement listed in our system. We have no further information. You may wish to contact the manufacturer for further information. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
You guys don't sell the belt? Thanks
Tracey for model number sunbeam breadmaker 5891 asked on 2019-10-10
Hello Tracey, Thank you for writing. Sadly, the belt you are requesting we do not have listed. We strongly recommend you contact the manufacturer, as they would have this information in their system. Ask them for the part number you require and contact back to see if it is something we carry. Hope this helps!
Where can I get a new water seal for the shaft that sticks through the bottom of the bread pan?
del for model number 5891-33 asked on 2019-10-14
Hello Del and thanks for writing. The part you are requesting is discontinued and is no longer available. We have no known replacement information in our system. We recommend you contact the manufacturer of the part to see if they have recently released a new substitute.We do carry a lot of other spare parts for units such as yours, for example, Part Number: 113494-002-000 Good Luck with your repair.
Hello, I started to see a black color on the bottom of the uncooked dough) and I noticed small black broken pieces under the pan at the bottom where it is attached to the appliance.the machine is less than 1 year in use, and is still working well. I mostly just use it for kneading without baking. I apprechiate if you can tell me what is this black color and what to do?
Angelic for model number Sunbeam 2 lb Capacity Bread Maker 5891-33 asked on 2019-11-24
Hello Angelic and thanks for writing. It sounds like you might have a faulty bearing or gasket and this would be leaking grease from the motor. You certainly should not continue to use this and either get it repaired or replaced. We do not carry the parts for this repair. We do carry other spare parts for units such as yours, for example, Part Number: 113494-000-000. Good Luck with your repair. For more specialized assistance or to speak with someone about this, we would suggest calling the manufacturer of the unit directly. Once you get the information you need, we should be able to find the information on our site for you. Hope this helps Sunbeam-Oster 800-200-2300
Is the gasket at the bottom of the bread maker available? Thank you
Sylvia Silerio for model number 5891 asked on 2019-12-18
Hello Sylvia , thank you for your question. Unfortunately, based on the parts we have available, that part is not sold as a replacement part. For more information please contact the manufacturer directly. I hope this helps!
Just need a Manuel
Brenda for model number 5819 sunbeam asked on 2020-01-17
Hello Brenda, Thank you for the question. Very sorry but you will need to contact Sunbeam for the manuals. We only carry the replacement parts. Hope this helps.
I need a manual for my bread maker how do I order one
earline for model number 5891 asked on 2020-02-07
Hi Earline. please follow this link:
What is the belt part number for the sunbeam breadmaker 5891?
Brenda for model number 5891 asked on 2020-03-09
Hello Brenda, thank you for your inquiry. The part you described does not appear in the parts list for this model. Please reach out to Sunbeam at 1-(800) 458-8407 directly to obtain the part number you need to order. Once you have this information, please feel free to check back with us for pricing and availability information. Thank you.
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Discussion for the Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker

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Question: Bread Machine


My Sunbeam bread machine quit after dough was mixed.Motor seams to be running, but the kneader bar isn't turning.
Check to see if the kneader bar is worn or the shaft is. If not you may need to take it to a Sunbeam Service Center.
Question: Bread Pan Replacement


The seal around the paddle has crumbled away, if I buy a replacement bread pan will it already have the paddle assembly installed?
The 113494-000-000 Bread Pan will have a new seal in it, but the paddle will have to be ordered individually.
Question: Bread Maker 5891


My bread maker is not baking, would that be the heating element or something else? Can Inget a replacement part?
Hello Tess,

The manufacturer does not supply internal parts for the Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker. You will need to take it to a Authorized Sunbeam Service Center.

Question: Heating Element


where can I buy a replacement heating element for #5891
Hello 1565578,

When Sunbeam stopped supplying the heating element for the model number 5891 Bread Maker, they did not replace it, and I have not been able to locate one.

Question: Kneader Bar


My daughter order me several parts for my Sunbeam Bread maker about 2 months ago.
My Bread maker is the Sunbeam 5891.
At any rate this kneader bar was to big for the bread pan.
Hello 1218131,

I have checked with the manufacture for the kneader bar for the Sunbeam model 5891 Bread Maker. And they assured me that the part number 113494-001-000 Kneader Bar is the correct one for this model. You may have been sent an incorrect part by mistake. If so, you will want to contact our Customer Service Center @ 866-802-6383 an explain your situation to them and they will be happy to take care of you.

Question: Paddle


Which replacement paddle will fit a Sunbeam Bread machine model 5891
Hello babs61954,

The paddle that is used for the Sunbeam model number 5891 is part number 113494-001-000.

Hope this helps,
Question: Kneader Hole


Can you tell me if the kneader bar has a full circle where you insert it into the pan or a D shape. My pan has a circular rod for the kneader bar.
Hello 1133732,

The kneader bar, part number 113494-001-000. Does have the D shape. If you could post the model number of your bread maker we may be able to help you locate the correct part for you.

Maybe we can help: What is your bread maker's model number please? Judy
Question: Part Information


Does this come with the paddle? How about the other hardware that spins the paddle?
Hello 1085960,

The Bread Pan, part number 113494-000-000 does not include the Kneader Bar. It would have to be ordered also, it is part number 113494-001-000.

Hope this helps,
This new bread pan comes compete with spinning hardware and arrives fully assembled, ready for immediate use. Spinning hardware includes spindle, water seal, coupler and retainer clips. Kneading paddle sold separately. Hope this helps. BPS
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