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How do I find my model number?

Why do we need your model number?
Each product has a unique model number just like your car.
Locating this number helps us get you the correct parts.

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Why Repair?

By repairing your own household appliances and electronics, you are giving them a second chance and saving them from the landfill. You'll also reduce the amount of waste, power and gas it requires to manufacture and deliver new products.

How do I Find My Subaru Model Number?

Subaru often hides their model numbers in hard-to-find areas. And unless you still have the owner’s manual for your product, you’ll need to do some searching to find it. Try looking for a white sticker or plaque on the following areas: the recoil housing, the fuel tank, the frame, or stamped into the crank case.

Once you’ve found it, you’ll need the 11 digit specification number. This number will start with the series (two letters), followed by a nine digit product number. Examples of this include DY232DD1110, EY080BN6000, and EX130D00011.

Our website makes it easy to search for your model once you find this information. Either look it up using our search function above or search by the series number in the list on the right.

Ask the Experts about Subaru Small Engines

We don’t expect our customers to know specific names of parts or know everything they’ll need to complete a repair. When dealing with a motor, there are hundreds of different components that are sometimes hard to troubleshoot. That’s why we have built our helpful repair center and forum.

These resources allow our customers to interact with our community of fellow woodworkers and experts. Talking with an expert can answer pretty much any question you may have. And if you ever need help installing a new carburetor or flywheel, our repair center has the videos and articles to guide you through the steps. So next time you’re in need of a repair, you’ll know to come to the all-in-one shop,
Check out our helpful repair resources below...

How Are We Doing?
eReplacementparts web site is awesome with all those videos on how to repair and troubleshoot small engines.
Lorenzo H.
Texas, USA
Small Engines Redefined
The majority of you are probably familiar with the success that Subaru has enjoyed in the automotive world. However, you may not know that they also make small engines and generators. They’ve been credited with creating the first chain driven overhead cam (OHC) and their signature silent series generators. Subaru’s goal is to produce and engine that could take the place of multiple machines. So next time you see the Subaru badge on a small engine, you’ll have a better appreciation of the engineering that has gone into it.
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